On November 14-16, 2016, Alexia Salvatierra convened a gathering of faith-rooted organizers at the historic Highlander Center in the mountains of eastern Tennessee. These videos are from that gathering and made available here publicly as resources for other faith-rooted organizers.


Alexia Salvatierra’s Welcome Message

Brandon Wrencher’s Devotional


Alexia Salvatierra’s Framing

Anthony Everett’s Devotional

Robert Chao Romero’s Presentation

Robert Chao Romero’s Poem “The Brown Church”

Scott Hall’s Presentation

Michael Mata’s Presentation

Bill Cody’s Presentation

Kristin Kumpf’s Presentation

Delonte Gholston’s Song “Only Light”

Anthony Smith’s Presentation

Isaac Luria’s Presentation

Ric Hudgens Poem “For Berrigan”


Imam Ali Siddiqui’s Closing Prayer