You may be alerted of oil level too high

You may be alerted of oil level too high, or oil level too low. 2) ABS Lights: The Anti-Lock Brake System Warning Light is another common occurrence in today’s vehicles. “Can the vehicle be driven with an SRS Light on?” Yes, at the owner’s risk. It is meant to be a general guide. Following is a Question and Answer Guide on some of the more common Warning Light concerns. “Is the airbag going to blow up?” It’s unlikely. Always refer to manufacturer vehicle-specific guidelines. T For a QUICK and FREE solution, follow the information and guidelines for Resetting Check Engine Light, auto brake pad and apply them to your ABS light. Note: several European models require special tools to reset the oil service light, thus it’s best to call or visit a specialist or dealer. Have them checked out. If this light is on, there are two primary possibilities. “Can it be driven?” If there are no major leaks, the vehicle is not overheating (and does not start to overheat), and there is still some evidence of coolant in the overflow bottle, it can be driven. When the SRS Light is on the system is inoperative. 3) Low Coolant Light: The Low Coolant Light will come on when the coolant drops below the coolant level sensor’generally one to two quarts. Note: This information is not a substitute for your vehicle’s owners’ manual. If you can see coolant leaking on the ground’tow it. If the oil is not low and your engine is making ticking, knocking, or unusual noises, Tow it! If everything appears ok, and you’re a bit of a gambler, it may just be an issue with the warning lamp circuit. The best case scenario is that your engine oil is a little low. First, follow your owners’ manual’s instructions to check your oil. It may incorporate a variety of active, passive, and even pre-safe technology depending on the vehicle. The other is an electrical fault in the warning lamp circuit. The slightest malfunction in this system illuminates the SRS light. A dealership will certainly have the information; however, finding someone in a dealership who can translate it effectively may be difficult. Note: many of today’s vehicles have very sensitive and sophisticated Oil Level Warning Systems. When in doubt, always tow it! 4) Red Oil Light On: Stop driving immediately and shut the engine off! If a Red Oil Warning Light comes on PAY ATTENTION. The second best case scenario is that there is an electrical issue with the Oil Level Warning System circuit. The worst case scenario is internal engine damage.. Because of their technical nature they can get ‘unnecessarily’ very pricy, quickly. If low, add as recommended’make sure you don’t see it dripping or pouring out on the ground, which would indicate a ‘major’ engine leak. Of course we’re all familiar will the seat belt warning and the door ajar indicator; however, with the automotive industry’s technological advancements there are a number of warning lights that can be quite alarming. In this case, get your vehicle checked out at your earliest convenience. The most common is a coolant leak. Note: PAY ATTENTION to how you are billed for any of the above warning concerns. Today’s vehicles are equipped with an array of warning lights. If the above fails, see the process for Resetting Check Engine Light. Given that the SRS System is a safety system, it is well monitored with numerous sensors and automatic self-tests. There are thousands of vehicles on the road without SRS technology. Again, refer to your owners’ manual’s instructions

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