Just as consumers reject blood diamonds

Why are men’s rings so expensive? Forever Metals carries a large selection of Claddagh women tungsten wedding bands for men and women at many different price points. Furthermore, if this is the first time you have heard of these rings, you should feel compelled to checkout Tungsten Carbide men’s rings.

Still another variant of Tungsten wedding rings may be obtained by molding an alloy of Tungsten and Titanium termed as Dura Tungsten. High speed steel is an alloy of steel which may consists of either of the following metals: tungsten, cobalt, molybdenum or chromium.

The titanium could become embedded into the skin but the tungsten steel will not. This article tackles one of those challenges by looking in detail how you can make your own adaptors to fit old studio lighting to new studio lighting equipment; specifically adapting L Type fittings to S Type Rings to fit Bowens Flashlight.

Not just the pure metal, but even the scrap of the metals is also recycled by the recycling industries. With the support of concerned organizations like the Enough Project , Signet Jewelers (parent company of Jared, Kay and Zales) and Tiffany & Co. are leading the way toward a conflict-free Congo gold trade.

Traditional Tungsten Carbides, with Cobalt binder, have limited corrosion resistance, making them unsuitable for applications in which the wear parts are functioning under both severe abrasive and corrosive conditions. Just as consumers reject blood diamonds, they now recoil at “blood phones” and other devices that use the conflict minerals of gold, tin, tungsten, and tantalum.

Tungsten can be combined with a multitude of other metals to design eclectically elegant wedding rings. Tungsten Carbide – OK this is a no brainier, but I love a strong ring that can take the punches and not get destroyed. The Enough Project has been encouraging these companies to show leadership in addressing conflict minerals and has monitored their actions.

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