Even though tungsten carbide rings are extremely strong and beautiful

Barney Frank (D-Mass.) and his new husband don’t know if their mens tungsten wedding rings contain a conflict mineral regulated by the landmark financial reform law that bears Frank’s name, according to a spokesman for Frank. Ending the conflict minerals trade in eastern Congo and replacing it with a legitimate mining sector is an achievable goal.

Tungsten carbide jewelry used in men’s jewelry pieces are among the longest lasting jewelry pieces known to man. Your grandparents may have told you how thrilling it was to get a telegram back in the day; will print up your message on old-timey-looking telegram paper and mail it to your loved one.

Even though tungsten carbide rings are extremely strong and beautiful, they do possess certain disadvantages. Tungsten wedding rings and bands are becoming famous for all the right reasons these days. Soft metals such as platinum ring or a gold ring are not warranted against deformation.

And this is the only and major reason behind increasing Tungsten Carbide Scrap Prices Prices are soaring high because of the qualities and features the metal possesses. The Call: This Valentine’s Day, we are calling on the world’s leading jewelers to shine a light on their supply chains and join a growing movement to establish conflict-free gold mines and trading routes in Congo.

Since you cannot re-size tungsten carbide rings, I’m glad I went with 11 rather than a 10 and then have to send it back too. Although wedding rings were predominantly worn by women in the earliest times comprising their most cherished piece of jewelry, they gradually started to grace the fingers of men as well with the passage of time.

I’m a hairdresser and wear my hair long and curled and love wearing what would most definetly considered womens earrings. These metals in many cases are more durable than precious metal, and depending on in which you purchase them they can be much more affordable compared to any precious metal jewellery on the market today.

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