We use Tungsten Carbide every day in a variety of products

Section 1502 of the act requires U.S. companies to avoid using conflict minerals from Congo and surrounding countries that are used to fund war, perpetuating human rights atrocities. Men today choose cheap tungsten rings over other metals because of the durability and robustness of the tungsten rings which fits very well with their daily activities.

“The conflict minerals law is a vital way of breaking the chain between horrific human rights abuses in Central Africa and consumer products like smartphones,” said Audrey Gaughran, Amnesty International’s director of global issues. Even so the most popular engagement rings revolve around Sterling Silver, Diamonds or even Gold but can get rather pricey and may not be in everyone’s price range.

Then once we fixed a blackout sheet over the window from the outside my son, using the controls on these very expensive lighting units, was able to create any intensity of natural day lighting shining through the curtains into the room to mimic natural day lighting at any time of day from dawn to dusk.

We use Tungsten Carbide every day in a variety of products, for use in a number of different applications throughout many industries. Rockwell “C” readings are only shown on the data sheet so that tooling people can compare values of carbide against tool steel.

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