Because offering this extra perk

Now, for the “”Perk”” part of the equation:

By providing every laptop carrying member of your sales team with a Mobile Broadband Card from Sprint, you are also giving them the option of canceling their home internet service. Why should it be any different for your sales team?

What you need:

A Sprint Mobile Broadband Card (Free to $49) for every member of your team with a Laptop

For just $2 a day per employee, giving them mobile internet access will enable them to “”take the office”” with them where ever they go. No need for a deal to “”wait till I get back to the office””. You would not dare expect your office employees to be productive without internet access.”

Here is how it works:

Since you will be providing your sales team with Mobile Internet Access, this enables your team be just as productive in the field as they are in the office with their Desktop computer.

A Mobile Router – Under $199 (this may not be needed for each person)

This enables a user to take their Mobile Broadband Card and insert it into the Mobile Router so that up to 10 users can share one Card. Enable them to answer questions instantly, not days later.”What if you told your entire outside sales staff that you were going to give them and their entire family Unlimited Internet access for their home? Would this be a nice incentive? Would this be a way to retain more employees? Sure it would, but why would you, as the Sales Manager or Company Owner, want to provide this to your team?

Because offering this extra perk does not cost you a dime. Empower your employees to make things happen in real time. Of course, your team needs to be in the field in front of clients, not at the office. The router converts the internet card into a Wi-Fi hot spot so anyone with in 300 feet can use the internet. Since the service you are providing is just as fast as DSL/Cable and Unlimited, it costs the company $0 to let your employees use this technology for home & personal use. Your team will look great when they are able to offer everyone at the meeting internet access. For the work environment, this is perfect for an off-site meeting, a Trade-Show, or any time multiple users need to connect. With the Mobile Router, their whole family can use the one card at the same time. How much are your employees worth per hour? $2 a day is a small price to pay to stay China Firm alarm cable Manufacturer ahead of the competition. China Speaker Cable Manufacturer In fact, it only helps your organization sell more by closing deals quicker, staying in closer contact with clients, vendors, and your own team.

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