Any article on personal alarms wouldn’t be complete

For instance, the alarm that comes equipped with ultrasonic sound is cable of deterring vicious dogs without harming them. The one thing a perpetrator wants to avoid is drawing undue attention to themselves. These alarms can be used as a safety warning device or a medical alert and make good sense for both children and adults. They are activated by pushing a button or removing a pin from the device.

*An emergency alarm should be easy to carry so you can speedily get at it when needed. There may be other times when a personal panic alarm comes in handy. This makes them ideal for deterring crime since it will be immediately apparent to anyone around that there is trouble.

Everyone needs a personal alarm, they are your first line of self defense.

*A personal alarm needs to be easy to use so there is no bungling with the gadget to operate it when it is most needed.

Personal alarms are very affordable only costing a few dollars, and they can potentially save your life or that of a loved one. When activated, they will let loose an extremely loud and ear piercing sound that can alert others about your emergency or some other peril you may find yourself in. Some are built small enough to easily fit in the palm of your hand. Before purchasing a personal alarm make sure UTP CAT6 cable it has these features:

*The noise expelled from an individual alarm needs to be as blaring and as disturbing as possible. Take one with you when walking, jogging, or cycling in park, around the neighborhood, or anywhere you might encounter an angry hound. The loud shrilling sound draws much needed attention to your situation and Cable connector increases the risk of your attacker getting caught. Carry a personal defense alarm with you wherever you go especially if you live in a large city, and/or walk alone at night in sparsely populated areas. The sound is irritating to dogs, but is completely safe and humane for them. This is similar to a security alarm system often installed on the wall of a home or business, except that it is portable and may be carried with you at all times. An earsplitting siren sounds and will continue to resonate until the pin is re-inserted. Keeping it with you makes it possible to draw attention to yourself when in a threatening situation. 95 to 130 decibels should do the trick.

Any article on personal alarms wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the type of alarm that works as a dog chaser or wild animal repellent.Personal alarms are attention getting devices that are smaller than the palm of your hand.

These self defense alarms come in various shapes and there are different types available. Others are designed to be attached to a key chain so it will easily accessible in case of an emergency.

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