Ltd has ascended in the front rank of the world

Ltd has ascended in the front rank of the world in the exporting of mining equipments.
(3) inspection and cleaning and lubrication system components, waste oil, oil changes, and replace the seal if necessary.

2repair content
In addition to include minor repairs all check content, also must proceed with the following work:
(1) to replace the speed reducer of bearing, High-neck Brake Disc or on the use of the bearing are scraping and grinding processing.
(6) processing and replacement of electronic equipment components.
(2) open the main bearing cover, check the shaft and bearing clearance, if necessary, replace the gasket.
(4) detection, alignment of each axis level and degree of balance.

Mine hoist the repair work for minor repairs, repair and overhaul.
(12) check the daily repair cannot handle the project, ensure the equipment can run normally until the next overhaul.
(5) examination and treatment drum welding seam is cracking, rivet, bolt, bond is loose, deformation, necessary to reinforce or replace.

With its high quality products such as China cone crusher, Vibratory feeder, Rock crusher, Ball mill, Rotary kiln, Henan Hongxing mining machinery Co. According to the plan repair, is to make the equipment intact state, to recover the original performance, prolongs the service life, prevent accidents, ensure the normal safe operation of equipment, continuous, important measures.china-crusher.
(7) the replacement of the main motor and other electric control equipment.
(10) for wire rope adjusting rope, turnover and replacement

(8) maintenance can not keep to the overhaul interval, and repair and cannot handle the project.
(9) checking each connected component, foundation bolt looseness or damage, replace if necessary.
(7) check the safety protection device operation is flexible, reliable, necessary to
(3) the replacement of the brake system of the brake shoe and a rotating pin shaft.
(2) adjusting gear meshing clearance, or replacement of gear
(5) the change of cylinder wood lining and turning rope groove.

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(7) maintenance can not keep to the repair interval, and minor repairs and cannot handle the project.html

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3 major contents
In addition to include repair all maintenance content, also must proceed with the following work:
(1) the replacement gear transmission shaft, gears and bearings, readjust.html

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(2) reinforce or replace drum.

The contents of1minor repairs
(1) open the reducer upper cover, check the gear meshing and wear, check the tooth has no cracks, replace if necessary.
(6) check the depth indicator and a driving component is flexible, accurate, and adjust if necessary processing.
(3) replacing spindle, spindle bearing, and lift check W, an adjustment spindle level.
(5) to replace the coupling.
(11) to examine and adjust electrical equipment relay, contactor and control lines, replace if necessary.
(6) of base and foundation reinforcement.
(8) check coupling pin shaft with a rubber ring wear is excessive, inner, outer gear meshing clearance or snake-like spring wear is overrun, when necessary, replacement of worn
(4) turning brake drum and brake disk, replace if necessary.
(4) check and adjustment of the brake system components, necessary replacement brake shoe and a pin worn parts