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At the Dota 2 tournament that took place in Centurion last year, you could almost taste the anxiety, excitement, and salt to make it a melting pot of well, a Dota 2 tournament. The previous few prestigious Dota 2 tournaments have all won by different teams, so there’s no regular favorite going into this event. Valve’s Dota 2 tournament has broken the record for biggest prize pool in e-sports history. Beating out dozens of gamers during the week-long International Dota 2 Championships, The Newbee team took home a $6.6 million prize. Released in 2013 by Valve, Dota 2 isĀ the ultimate MOAB game


In case you are a Counter-Strike fan or trying to get into CS GO, be sure to take a look at our official Counter-Strike thread. 2012 Counter-Strike community separated up into two groups, many players stayed loyal to CS 1.6. But right now CS: GO is the most famous shooter in the gaming sector and one of the most famous Esports disciplines.

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