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At the Dota 2 tournament that took place in Centurion last year, you could almost taste the anxiety, excitement, and salt to make it a melting pot of well, a Dota 2 tournament. The previous few prestigious Dota 2 tournaments have all won by different teams, so there’s no regular favorite going into this event. Valve’s Dota 2 tournament has broken the record for biggest prize pool in e-sports history. Beating out dozens of gamers during the week-long International Dota 2 Championships, The Newbee team took home a $6.6 million prize. Released in 2013 by Valve, Dota 2 isĀ the ultimate MOAB game


In case you are a Counter-Strike fan or trying to get into CS GO, be sure to take a look at our official Counter-Strike thread. 2012 Counter-Strike community separated up into two groups, many players stayed loyal to CS 1.6. But right now CS: GO is the most famous shooter in the gaming sector and one of the most famous Esports disciplines.

HIKVision Surveillane Systems

HIKVision Surveillane Systems


This Implausible Hikvision NVR can record up to an incredible 6Mega-Pixel photos from all 4 cameras simultaneously- not Every NVRs is capable do it}. It has a embedded Web server,so you can view our cameras where ever you might be, in your smart phone or laptop. This recorder options free P2P and management app, It does not need a sophisticated client setup or a static IP simply observe the easy instructions to monitor your cameras from anywhere in the World. 

The DS-7600NI-E1/ 4P and DS-7600NI-E2/ 8P series NVRs are a brand new era recorder developed by Hikvision independently. Mixed with a number of advanced applied sciences, similar to audio and video decoding technology, embedded system expertise, storage know-how, community DS-7600NI-E1/ 4P know-how and intelligent technology. It might both work alone as a recorder and cooperate with different gadget to type a complete surveillance system.

There are 3 recording modes offered – manual continuous and movement triggered recording. There isn’t a schedule based recording accessible, nor are there any advanced movement detection strategies accessible. The recording resolutions  available are: 4MP  1080p, and 720p/ VGA/4CIF/CIF/QVGA, 


IVMS 4200 NVR remote Client is a video management application using a distributed framework to provide central management to all the connectable monitoring devices. It manages NVR, DVR, IP cameras, PC centered compression cards and I/O devices. With different management and construction modules and a reasonable collocation, IVMS-4200 video management application provides multiple solutions for different monitoring scenarios intended for medium or smaller scale system. This is a stable and reliable software with advanced functions like real-time monitoring, video recording and searching, file back-up, etc.
The IVMS-4200 is a versatile and powerful video monitoring management application from Hikvision CCTV utilized for Network video recorders, NVRs, Network cameras, encoder / decoders, security controllers,. Access control with many exclusive features like, current video streaming, current video, video recording, archiving, smart search and review…
The main function of the iVMS 4200 CMS  Client is|  to control multiple network devices remotely.  HIKVISION iVMS-4200 ia a remote surveillance application  , which supports the full line of Hikvision products, including the DS-7000/8000 series DVRs (dual stream models), DS-7300/8100 series DVRs , DS-9000/9100 series DVRs, DS-6000/6100 series digital video servers, as well as network cameras and speed domes that support standard H.264 video codec.