The blow mould is also considered to be easier

Operations for assembling and disassembling the neck ring plate have also been modified. An all-electric PX series injection moulding machine from KraussMaffei will be promising processors high precision, productivity and flexibility every one production phases with the re-homing of large clamping platens of which facilitate universal mould use.

The company adds that sometimes the widest variety of moulds with a range of heights can be set up individually a result of accessibility of the clamping in addition to ejector areas.

Changing the blow mould is also considered to be easier with intelligent modifications to the press and the introduction of roller bearings in critical postures, meaning that once the forklift is positioned, the mould can then be pushed into position yourself.

Ideal for the production of specialty products like containers for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, own care products, and spirits – particularly measurements between 20 and 50ml – the technique are Home Appliance Mould Suppliers also said to increase protection and user-friendliness for operators, specifically for certain critical operations.

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