These later fall visitors are plentiful and powerful

Southern flounder dominate the catch in inshore and southern NC waters, while summer flounder dominate the catch in offshore waters north of Cape Hatteras. The Spanish is delicious, averages 1 to 3 pounds and presents a real challenge to any angler. A. Size allowed is between 18″ and 27″ with a daily bag limit of 1 per person. For sounds and other areas, consult the NC Marine Fisheries website. Spanish mackerel are usually taken on fast moving metal lures. Bait of choice is fresh mullet; rods are 9 to 11 feet with medium to heavy action tips.Surf fishing is exciting, rewarding and accessible to all.

Whether beginning angler or old salt, surf fishing is a popular and fun activity with minimal expense, no boat required, easy access to great fishing conditions and plenty of action. Their departure is generally hastened by the arrival of the fall run of 15-20 pound giant blues.With a minimum of effort and expense, you can catch a variety of excellent eating fish, have a great time and start making your own memories. These later fall visitors are plentiful and powerful. By June, the fishing is going strong, with both summer and southern flounder being caught.. In Atlantic waters, size limit is over 27″ total length with bag limit of 2 per day. Many flounder are caught using cut baits and some are caught using jigs. I remember him catching bluefish, croakers, puppy drum and flounder as I played in the tidal pools nearby. They are more plentiful than the larger variety Precision casting Suppliers and can be found in most sloughs.Be advised that there is a proposed recreational saltwater fishing license which is scheduled to take effect January 2006.

Needless to say, we were eating bluefish casseroles all winter long. This run will peak by mid May and taper off in early June. In September the smaller drum will enter the surf.Years later, in the mid-eighties, I remember an early winter fishing expedition near Oregon Inlet, south of Nags Head, this time with my husband, 8-month old daughter and a Chesapeake Bay Retriever puppy. Average size in spring is 35 to 50 pounds.

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