Faith-Rooted Organizing Un-Network Has a Website!

ProtestorAs promised, we have created a website and would like to request your help in testing it out and making it sure it works as intended. We would be honored if you would be sign up to be a member on

The goals of the web site are simple:

  1. Help people find a faith-rooted organizer and/or trainer in their area.
  2. To be a resource for people seeking to learn more about faith-rooted organizing.
  3. To provide an ongoing space for congregational and community organizers who seek to incorporate and integrate all the gifts of faith in their work to share best practices and support one another

We invite you to become listed as an organizer or other resource person on the site. This should only take a couple minutes of your time and we hope this will help people find you and your skills in the future!

—To list yourself simply go to the site, click the orange sign up button in the upper right hand corner of the home page and fill out the brief organizer profile.

Events Calendar

—Email to submit FRO related events to the calendar.

Groups & Best Practices Forums

There are four forums and four groups on the site with the intention of being places for sharing of best practices and connecting with other folks doing the work. You can create additional groups and forums.

—Current Forums: Actions & Media, Advocacy, Leadership Development, Recruitment

Eventually we really want to achieve some kind of collection of best practices, and we hope the forums will be a place where these stories get collected.

—Groups: Academics, Pastors, Parents, Youth/Students

We hope that Groups can help build relationships among those with shared roles and commonality.

—Regional Groups: Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, Southwest, Northwest, International, National

We also hope to help bring people who work in the same regions together.

—Additional Functionality

You can friend and message other members of the site and make your own blog roll on the site.

And finally, please let us know how it goes and your thoughts about the site.

Thank you for your help and bless you for your work!


Author: Holly Roach
Category: Online
Date: November 3, 2014

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