Let’s talk about the voice broadcast copy for a minute

As I sat down to write this article I got a voice broadcast message on my phone. I let the machine grab it because I was busy. A couple of things came to my mind as I replayed the voice broadcast. First, the voice broadcast copy was pretty good. Second, the voice broadcast connected to me with neither the caller nor myself actually on the phone.

Let’s talk about the voice broadcast copy for a minute. The voice broadcast subject was about vent cleaning and the caller made a compelling argument to have him clean my vents. But the voice broadcast did this in a specific format. In the voice broadcast’s first few words I was told that my homes vents contained dust, dirt and maybe even mold which could make my family sick. That caught my attention.

The voice broadcast made me picture my homes heating and cooling vents blowing this sickening stuff throughout my house. The picture was vivid as if I was actually looking into a brake pad factory section of vent myself and seeing the crud. The voice broadcast succeeded in creating a sense of urgency in me. Next, the voice broadcast clued me into some features and benefits of having my vents cleaned.

The body of the voice broadcast let me know that all was not lost with a dirty vent. In fact, vent cleaning was a common procedure and doing so would greatly improve the air quality in my home. The biggest feature offered was the scrubbing and cleaning of my homes every vent. All the lurking crud would be gone. My family would be healthier and my heating and cooling system more efficient. It was as if the caller was standing with me in person selling me the company’s features and benefits. Finally, the voice broadcast gave me a solution.

The voice broadcast introduced the caller and explained his company’s professionalism and quality truck mounted vent cleaning equipment. The caller told me about radio dispatched trucks ready to cruise to my home and solve my dirty vent problem. He gave me contact information and then the call disconnected.

Just like a real person to person sales call the voice broadcast made me aware of a need, told me how to solve that need and then explained his particular solution was the best to satisfy my need. brake lining manufacturers The voice broadcast did this all in thirty seconds. It was pretty efficient. There’s one more thing I want to say about the voice broadcast. That is I listened to it.

The fact that I let the machine grab the call did an important thing. It disarmed my pre-programmed response to hang up on a strange caller. That it was an automated message helped in this respect too. A voice broadcast is highly effective because the tension of person to person communication is resolved. I listened to the message at my leisure and because of that I was more interested in what the voice broadcast had to say. I think the detachment was important.

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