Honda City have been habitual of ruling its segment

brake pad factory Honda City have been habitual of ruling its segment as far as the Indian automobile market is concerned. Having launched in 1998, the car eventually grabbed the “Car of the year” award and became the conqueror of its C+ segment of cars. Recently announced launch of Volkswagen Vento has placed huge bets in the Indian automobile Industry on the future leader of the segment. Volkswagen is looking forward to Vento after its recent successful launch of Volkswagen Polo, a premium hatchback. Lets have a detailed comparison of the two on varied fronts.

Compare Engine Capacity, Power and Performance

Presently Honda City comes in three variants, out of which Honda City 1.5 E MT and 1.5 S MT are equipped with 1.5L, 1497cc, i-VTEC petrol engine producing 118PS power @ 6600rpm and 14.9Kg-m torque @ 4600rpm. The third variant Honda City 1.5 S AT also sports the same engine delivering same power, the only difference being that this variant has an automatic transmission gearbox. A major part of City’s popularity comes from good performance and positive mouth-publicity. This is mainly due to the powerful i-VTEC engine delivering better efficiency and good fuel economy.

Volkswagen Vento is expected to be available in both Petrol and Diesel fuel options. The engines would produce 105bhp of power. The torque produced by the Diesel engine would be 25.5Nm while the petrol motor would produce 15.8Nm of Torque, hence leading to a wide difference in driving capabilities. The engine is expected to be based on the same platform as Polo. Volkswagen Vento would have advanced 4 valve head and double overhead camshafts. The company is however focusing on a lighter weigh vehicle, that is Vento won’t be heavier than 100kg when compared to Polo.

Compare Features of Volkswagen Vento and Honda City

The new Honda City has eye-catching and breath taking looks. The car is known for its powerful air-conditioning system and an advanced integrated audio system that facilitates passengers to integrate with any of the advanced equipments like iPod, MP3 player, USB Memory and Mobile phone with MP3 player. Apart from an excellent engine performance and stunning looks, the car has integrated a number of safety features like the engine’s hood hinges, front fenders, front grille and front windshield support structure are especially designed to absorb energy easily and bend out of the way whenever possible for better pedestrian collision safety. Other safety features in Honda City includes ABS (Antilock Brake System) and EBD (Electronic Brakeforce Distribution).

Volkswagen all set to give staunch competition to City is expected to be launched with abundant and attractive features like high quality, torsionally rigid bodyshell, advanced chassis design and standard features such as five three-point seat belts, front and side airbags, and ABS anti-lock brakes with electronic brake-pressure distribution (EBD). The engineers at Volkswagen have hinted that Vento would ensure the best-in-class comfort both in terms of driving and seating. Although not specified but the boot space is expected to be in the region of 500 litres.

Having had the basic features and performance measures compared, it is evident that its going to be a tough fight for both; the existing leader and the soon to be conqueror. Honda City has always had the advantage of a great mass reputation in India. Volkswagen, on the other hand would offer the upper-hand of a Diesel fuel option that is going to reduce the monthly expenses of buyers. It would be indeed a delight for the Indian customers to have the best of both worlds.

Maruti Kizashi is basically a premium sedan model

brake shoe manufacturers The Indian auto industry, which has been going through a golden phase since the starting of this year, is now all set to witness the entry of a series of new cars in the upcoming Festive season in October this year. Though this period of Jan to July has witnessed the launch of a series of new cars in the Indian market but the real show still remains. The cars that are ready to mark their debuts in this festive season include premium sedan Maruti Kizashi, small car Maruti Cervo, luxury SUV Hyundai Santa Fe, premium SUV Skoda Yeti and crossover Tata Aria. All of these cars are expected to be rolled-out with the latest generation technologies and features.

Maruti Kizashi is basically a premium sedan model that is expected to come powered with a J24B 2.4 litre, 4 cylinder, DOHC petrol engine. The powerful engine of the car is expected to produce maximum power of 185 hp at 6,500 rpm with Manual Transmission and 180 hp at 6,000 rpm with continuously Variable Transmission. The other attractive features of the car include Electronic brake-force distribution (EBD), Anti-lock Brake System (ABS), Electric Stability Program (ESP), 8 airbags (including front, rear and curtain), power steering, windows and mirrors, pushbutton keyless start, Dual-zone climate control, EPS Stability control and projector beam headlamps.

The most awaited model in the league of upcoming cars is the Maruti Cervo which is expected to be launched in the price segment of Rs 1.5 to 2 lakh and will possibly be powered by a 660 CC petrol engine. After its launch in the country, the car will be competing with the cheapest car of the country, Tata Nano.

With this, country’s second largest car maker Hyundai India is all set to launch its much awaited Hyundai Santa Fe in the country in Oct 2010. The Santa Fe model is expected to be powered by a 2.2 L, 2199 cc Diesel engine and will carry a price tag in the range of Rs 22 to 24 lakhs.

Skoda Yeti, the premium SUV that proved to be a show-stopper in the Delhi Auto Expo in January this year, will also be marking its debut in the country during this month. The all new Yeti model will sport a 2.0L diesel engine along with 5-Speed Manual Transmission Gearbox. It is expected to be shelved in the price segment of Rs 12 to 16 lakh.

With the rapid development of the society

brake pad suppliers With the rapid development of the society and quick improvement of the high technology, more and more new things come into being. After people are not worried about the essentials of life such as food, clothes, houses and so on, they begin to purchase the enjoyment and the convenience in their lives. Therefore, a lot of vehicles appeared, ranging from bikes, tractors, cars to trains, ships and even to planes. However, with more cars and people surge into the big cities, these places become more and more crowded and the traffic jams are very common to most of the citizens.

What’s worse, driving the cars all the time is bad to the drivers’ health. They will be fatter and suffer a lot of pains and diseases. At that time, modern people decide to solve these problems by all means. Riding bicycles again is a wonderful idea. In this way, people can not only exercise their bodies every time, but also escape from the jam situations. However, most of people do not have idea of its parts and function. And here, some experts will give you much advice to buy a right bicycle for you.

If you are not the expert of the bicycle, you had better not to buy the parts in the website. It is true that the prices in the website are very competitive and low, but there are so many imitation ones except the main and large parts. For example, lights, code table, handle, seat, brake handle and even tires are the fake goods. When buying the parts, do not spend too much money and do not believe all of the merchants’ words. You should firstly be clear that what kind of bike you want to get. So my suggestion is to buy a high quality frame at first. The frame is undoubtedly important for a bicycle.

brake pad suppliers It is like a human’s skeleton to support the other components, and its functions are like the motherboard of a computer to provide a good platform for other parts. Then you should pay attention to the front fork, which is very important too for a bike. Of course, you should not ignore the tires, which will decide the distance you can ride. In fact, the good tires can improve the grip, reduce the weight and riding resistance to provide comfort to the riders. The importance of the brake will not leave our sights because it is concerned with our lives. So, we should carefully compare different brakes when buying them.

At this point the information that the driver

brake lining manufacturers In an era where human beings are constantly battling an information overload, it is vital that critical information get noticed ahead of the rest so that suitable action can be taken. We may not realize it but our surroundings are filled with information sources clamoring for our attention. Since we are so used to it we notice only those we care about and ignore the rest. But what if one the information sources which we were not actively following has now got some critical information for us?

How can it get our undivided and immediate attention? Let me put this in a context to explain it better. When you are driving at night you have many other cars on the road that you take notice of and you also take notice of street signs, signals and perhaps the advertisement billboards. And suddenly the driver of the car in front of you slams the brakes.

At this point the information that the driver has hit the brakes hard needs to be got to you very quickly, since every fraction of a second counts. And amongst all the traffic you may not be able to see the tail lights of the car ahead of you or you may not notice the increase in their intensity when the brakes are pressed. Of course you will notice the sudden slowing of the car but by then precious time would have elapsed. Now consider if the car ahead of you has a third brake light which lights up brightly when the brakes are hit.

brake pad suppliers All of a sudden now vital information flows to you quickly while being able to set itself apart from the rest of the information clutter on the road. You are able to react very fast and things are likely to end up on the safe side. It could be so safe in fact that you may not even remember the incident later. And even so were there no third brake lights it may have resulted in an impact that you would wish had never happened. Third brake lights are a great addition to car tail lights and give you great value. You can see them at .