Sealing up cracks and any gaps where air can get

The Whole House Air Purifier to the Rescue. It is found naturally in soil and in rock in certain areas. Other air purifiers can also remove radon from inside your home. Metal ducts pump the air from the fan of the air purifier inside the basement or crawl space into the outside air. A fan vents the radon-rich air out from the basement or crawl space floor. Benefits There are benefits to buying whole house air purifiers.

A whole house air purifier will take care of the majority of your living space. Eliminating the need for two or more air purifiers can ease your budget considerably.

Sealing up cracks and any gaps where air can get in will practically eliminate any radon threat. Radon seeps in through your crawl space or basement.

You will not hearĀ pumps Manufacturers when it runs, so noise is no longer an issue. If the test is positive, it is critical that you buy an air purifier. They can remove radon from upper floors. No cancer, no deteriorating lung tissue

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