The engine’s extreme operating temperature conditions

They need to be regularly checked, topped up or changed whenever required to ensure that the vehicle operates properly. The prosecutor, Sarah Lambert, said that although the brake fluid reservoir was full, the liquid inside was a strange colour and had congealed into “a globular, jelly-like substance.

The judge ordered the “death-trap” car to be confiscated, saying, “You are very lucky not to be here on a far more serious charge. Like all fluids, motor oil will thin out when it is subjected to increased temperatures, and thicken when cooled. For legal, mechanical and safety reasons always use the correct fluids and never cut corners.

Do not follow the lead of David Wyn Williams from Wales who the BBC reported was recently arrested for using cooking oil instead of brake fluid.

Additives which are put into the base oil also provide additional engine protection, helping to prevent the car engine oil from deteriorating under the engine’s extreme operating temperature conditions.

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