Looking good is one thing but you can look like Kate Moss

Looking good is one thing but you can look like Kate Moss and still have days when you feel horrible. Polyester Lining Suppliers Thats why it isnt always what you wear that is important but how you feel when you are wearing it.

This can depend on many things but the two key points are the materials that the garment is made from and the cut of the garment. If you can get these rights you can almost certainly be sure that you will be comfortable and happy all day long.

When it comes to the cut of a garment you really have to be able to try on the clothes before buying nothing is better to determine whether or not they will suit you. However there are times when I have bought things because they look lovely on and feel great only to get them home to find out they are itchy or that they really dont look quite so good in natural light. Thank goodness that you can return things to the retailer otherwise I would have a wardrobe full of uncomfortable clothes that look great under shop lights but hideous in the cold light of day.

When it comes to fabrics there is also a myriad of different things to choose from. There are some wonderful fabrics that can really make you feel like a million dollars. Some people swear by Egyptian cotton or Merino wool but there are also some lesser known fibres that are becoming more and more popular because of their naturally soft and comfortable properties. Below are a few that you may or may not have heard of that are becoming more and more popular in the construction and design of clothing.

100% Cashmere

Cashmere is well known for being one of the softest fibers around and the softest stuff is liable to molt over time. Found on mountain goats this fibre is highly sort after and makes the softest warmest garments around.

Cashmere Jersey

This negates the problem of cashmere fibres all over your washing. Cashmere jersey is a beautiful new fabric that is a mix of cashmere, viscose and elastane. It combines the versatility and comfort of jersey with the luxury and softness of cashmere. It is great for those Polyester Satin Suppliers in between days of spring and autumn when you dont want to wear a winter jumper but it is too cold for a summer top.


Modal is a fabric that has been around for a while but is not widely used in the fashion industry as it is fairly high end in price. It is a natural fabric derived from wood pulp, great for anyone who suffers from allergies to animal based fabric products, and is renowned for its drape like quality. It is a unique fabric in the way that even after continual washing garments keep their original colour.

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