The shops and stores are actually establishments of retailers

The sale of merchandise or goods, coming from a kiosk or a department store, i.e. a fixed location or in small individual direct consumption lots, coming through the regular mail (post), is called retail. The process of retail sometimes consists of delivery subordinated services. However, the range of purchases is not limited only with individuals- businesses are always welcome as well.
In the contemporary commerce and trade life, there is formulated a very strong and constant chain. The importer, wholesaler or manufacturer sells products and goods to the retailer, who buys big quantities. The chain finishes with the end-user to whom the retailer sells everything in parts and pairs and at more expensive price. As a whole, the end user is denied the opportunity to receive the good in its original, warehouse price.

The shops and stores are actually establishments of retailers. If we have a look at the supply chain, the retailer is in its end. The process of retailing unfortunately cannot be escaped. Its very necessary for the overall process of distribution of all manufacturing marketers.

What is the Fashion- a stable notion or just the latest style on the market?
Fashion is a notion, related to different styles, especially in clothing. Of course, it can be explained and seen in multiform applications and spheres of the life, for instance architecture, art, literature, music, cuisine and many, many others. The only imitation linen condition for these applications to become a fashion is that they have to be current. The time doesnt matter, as well as the culture- the fashion is always defined by the people.

Despite its temporary beauty, the fashion styles change extremely quickly. Every day, new kinds of fashion appear. It is not stable no one can say that what he wears today will be fashionable tomorrow. And the reason is that the people change their views too often. For instance if today the fashion is wearing long, big shoes, tomorrow it becomes wearing sandals, the day after tomorrow, they go barefoot and so on

The psychology of the contemporary human, sometimes does not allow him or her to see the good things in the life the real, the vital fashion, if it could be called like that. Buying fashion clothing is one of the first care of so much people today. The fashion is a very subjective notion. Something is fashionable for us, because we like it, or because its famous. The fashion is the popular mode or even mood of expression, which is current at the present moment. However, its a true fact that this term is used as well in any point of beauty, style or glamour.
One of the biggest textile, visual merchandising and fashion centers in the world is London. There are also many agencies and jobs for models. One requirement for a person to become a model is the beauty. In London, there are many beautiful models. The fashion and especially the buying of clothing are one of the best developed departments of the biggest capital in Europe.