To Provide Customers With Inspection Of Pet Preform Mould

Jilian Plastic Mould is the most effective China Pet Bottle manufacturer, specializing in the production of various types of plastic injection molds, furniture molds, logistics molds, thin-wall molds, household molds and so on. We are the best mold manufacturer to provide high quality plastic molds. It is important to know that our company has 30 mold making equipment or machines that allow us to complete manufacturing tasks in an accurate and fast manner. Our mold making company has a team of mold engineers, office staff and R&D engineers. We are highly trained professional manufacturing experts who are able to manufacture different types of plastic molds. To gather more details about our products, you can read the product descriptions on our official portal.
Plastic mold
Mold type
The online website comes with a list of molds provided by our company. At the same time, it provides our customers with an excellent opportunity to check the specifications, features and other useful details of our Pet Preform Mould. We offer two different types of plastic molds, including:
Lateral tee
It has a cavity and is designed in Germany 2316. It has a pin ejector and runs automatically.
Elbow mould
The elbow mold is a 45 degree mold with two mold cavities. It has a sample size. This mold was made in Germany 2316. The life of this mold is 1 million times. The hydraulic cylinder is the ejection system of the mold.