China Pet Bottle To Do Mold Maintenance

In order to ensure that Pet Preform Mould work well over a long production life, it is important to have a mold maintenance plan.
In order to avoid any foreign matter falling into the gap of the discharge assembly during the trial or production process, and the resulting machine stop, it is necessary to place a protective plate on top of the mold. In another case, when the hydraulic cylinders are at the top of the mold, their rods must be protected with iron to prevent the crane hooks from colliding.
When the mold is left in the injection molding plant, we should develop a daily, weekly and annual maintenance plan to ensure that the mold is in good working order and ready to produce. Maintenance items differ from different types of mold structures. Here are some common maintenance practices to better understand.
1) Check the ejector pins, angle tappets and straight tappets (if applicable) for the fully forward position. Make sure they don’t get loose and don’t wear on the pole.
2) Check the granulated area for any damage.
3) Spray a rust inhibitor into the mold.
4) Blow off the water remaining in the water line at high pressure
5) Regularly lubricate all non-self-lubricating parts, such as guide bushings, angled positioning plates or wear plates.
6) Clean the mold surface with a suitable detergent or blow the mold with high air pressure.
7) If the thimble is contaminated, wipe it off with a soft cloth dampened with detergent. Then test their ejection and return several times.
8) Regularly check the hot runner system for mold leaks.
9) Check the protection of the wires.
10) Do not lubricate bronze with impregnated graphite at any time. Otherwise, its self-lubricating surface will be damaged.
11) Check that all the identification cards are clear and the position is correct.
12) Place the mold in the planned position and provide good protection for all extensions.
13) Make a daily, weekly, and annual record. If there is an abnormal situation, report it immediately.
For mold designers, it should be remembered that the accessibility of all mold parts is an important part of good mold design. In addition, in order to facilitate the replacement of failed parts as quickly as possible, it is highly recommended to use standard parts or to make spare parts for the customer.
As a professional and reliable China Pet Bottle manufacturer, Jilian Plastic Mould has a set of mold maintenance procedures for itself, and also brings more high-quality mold shopping enjoyment to customers who choose our products.