Jilian Mold Changes China Pet Bottle Mold Industry

At Jilian Plastics, we are proud of our respected, experienced, skilled and skilled employees. Here are the steps to follow for a Pet Preform Mould
Bottle design – we strike a perfect balance between customer ideas and market needs in a cost-effective manner
Mold making – this is the main step in putting the whole idea into practice and making the final product.
Testing – Our well-equipped laboratories perform various quality checks and tests on bottles to ensure quality.
Since we are the leading manufacturer of bottle molds in China, our molds are widely used in various products such as: –
Packaging drinking water
Natural mineral water
Carbonated soft drink
fruit juice
Oil and medicine
We have set our vision to be higher and higher to completely change the China Pet Bottle mold industry.
The journey ahead is full of great achievements and the best service… this is just the beginning!