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We always advise our customers to adjust the characteristics of the model before cutting the steel. All of these recommendations will be presented in the report. The purpose of the adjustment feature is for better material flow, uniform cooling of the part, and reduced risk of defects in the Pet Preform Mould, such as melt lines, depressions, flashes, warpage, and the like.
Here are some helpful tips for quickly understanding how to handle common features in injection molding design.
Wall thickness: Consistent wall thickness contributes to uniform cooling, which helps to reduce potential problems such as sinking, warping, and partial melting lines. A good rule for designing walls is no less than 40 to 60% of the ribs.
Round feature: The round feature helps the resin flow smoothly through the cavity, which reduces stress and increases the strength of the part. If sharp edges and sharp corners are critical to the function of the part, then materials that support sharp edges and sharp corners will be better than materials that do not support sharp edges and sharp corners.
Draft: An important guide, you should apply drafts on all vertical walls. The size of the draft depends on the texture and finish you need. In general, a 1 degree draught per 1 inch cavity depth is sufficient for SPI-B1 polishing. Drafting will ensure that the part is cleanly ejected from the mold.
Injection molding
Jilian Plastics provides injection molding services for your rapid prototyping and small batch production needs. Our engineering team has extensive experience in the manufacture and injection molding of China Pet Bottle. We understand how to optimize the structure of parts and tools to reduce costs and lead times. Want to get a full report from us? Contact us today and there is now a free quote that will allow you to get to production quickly.