Difference Between Pet Preform Mould Extrusion And Injection Molding

In the past week, we have received several inquiries from new customers. They asked China Pet Bottle manufacturers to quote and recommend the best process for their new design, plastic extrusion or injection molding? Therefore, we will discuss the differences between the two processes.
Plastic extrusion
1. Tool: Mold – a twp size mold opening.
2. The molten plastic material is pressed into the mold and takes the form of a mold
3. Process – Continuous, parts come out of the mold in a continuous manner, shape and size.
4. Select the process when the third dimension is unknown, or when the part needs to be post-machined to obtain specifications.
Injection molding
1. Tools: Mold-mold structures are much more complex than extrusion dies.
2. The molten plastic material is injected into the mold. In most cases, molded parts can be used for final assembly without post-processing.
3. Process – cycle, clamp, inject, cool, drain, each injection has four steps.
4. The chosen process for manufacturing custom components with clear shapes, dimensions, and the like.
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