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Injection molding of Pet Preform Mould makes the production of a large number of high quality plastic products easy and precise. Raw materials or carefully selected plastic pellets are melted until they become soft enough to be transferred to the mold. The final product is an exact replica of the mold. Once it cools and solidifies, the plastics manufacturer opens the mold and then pushes out the molded plastic. Repeat this wonderful process until you have the required number of products.
Different process
Now let’s familiarize ourselves with the terminology used by some plastic molding companies or custom plastic mold manufacturers.
Clamping refers to the movement of the fixed plate within the injection molding machine, which holds the mold in place by using high pressure.
Injection is the process of transferring molten plastic particles into the barrel of a molding machine by pressure.
Residence is the application of pressure to the molten plastic to ensure that all parts of the cavity or mold are filled.
When the thermoplastic shrinks in the cavity, it cools.
When the moving plate is removed from the fixed plate, it will open, allowing the machine to eject molded plastic.
Spraying occurs when the gas stream, plate or rod helps to remove the hardened plastic from the plastic forming machine.
Magnificent machine
The machine melts the plastic pellets by extreme heat and then injects them into the mold. The machine has a bucket with a huge screw that maintains a constant pressure to heat the material. Because different materials have different melting points, the machine can be precisely controlled. If the temperature is too low, not all materials will melt, and too much heat will reduce the quality of the plastic. Even the weight and time it stays in the machine can affect the quality of the final product.
As the screw rotates, the molten plastic is forced into a deeper portion of the barrel. When an appropriate amount of material has accumulated, the screw pushes it forward into the mold. Once the material forms the mold shape and cools down, it is discharged from the machine. This is how you make your favorite plastic packaging or toy.
As you can see, the whole process is relatively simple, but when you see the results, it’s much more than just simplicity. It can be as complex as a car part, or even as complex as a part of a satellite that rotates on Earth! China Pet Bottle¬†manufacturers are using and improving injection molding technology to better serve our customers.

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