Pet Preform Mould Material Selection

There are a variety of plastics available for the design and manufacture of Pet Preform Mould. How to choose the product that best suits your needs? Here are some general plastic information for reference.
Description: This low-cost engineering plastic provides excellent mechanical and surface strength for parts that are widely used in high-impact applications.
Performance: One of the popular rapid prototyping materials in China, easy to cut, thermal stability and dimensional stability. It can also be painted and glued to increase versatility, and large, complex parts with undercuts can be easily fabricated and glued in sections.
Topcoats available: machine topcoat, smooth topcoat, sandblasted, polished topcoat, painted or grey primer, electroplated.
Disadvantages: Not applicable to petroleum base oils, paints and solvents. Moderate heat resistance, moisture resistance and chemical resistance, weather resistance. It is easy to scratch. Flammable, producing a lot of smoke.
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Description: Unfilled polycarbonate (PC) is a tough, durable, transparent engineering thermoplastic known for its high impact, temperature and optical properties.
Performance: high impact resistance, good dimensional stability, excellent strength retention at high temperatures, low coefficient of thermal expansion, good dimensional stability. Good electrical insulator with heat and flame retardant properties.
Available finishes: machine finish, smooth finish, sandblasted, mirror polished, steam polished, translucent finish (fog looks like a lampshade), painted or grey primer.
Weakness: It is easy to crack due to pressure, moderate chemical resistance and low scratch resistance.
Description: Also known as PMMA (polymethyl acrylate) is an amorphous thermoplastic with very good optical properties. Acrylic acid is often used as a glass substitute.
Performance: Excellent optical transparency, good wear resistance, excellent environmental stability, good heat resistance, and good chemical resistance. Flammable but low smoke emissions.
Available finishes: machine finishes, smooth finishes, mirror finishes, flame polishes, translucent finishes, painted or shaded finishes
Weakness: Poor impact resistance, prone to stress cracking, not suitable for use with chlorinated or aromatic hydrocarbons. PMMA is fragile, swells and dissolves in many organic solvents.
Jilian Plastic Mould is a very professional and reliable China Pet Bottle manufacturer. We can choose the right materials according to the actual characteristics of your mold to achieve the best results and live up to the expectations of customers.

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