Personalized Development Of Pet Preform Mould

The diversity of Pet Preform Mould in terms of styling and packaging personalization has been developed
In many of the slower-growing consumer markets in Europe and North America, as well as in the fast-growing packaging markets of Asia Pacific, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa, PET typically outperforms other packaging materials because of its flexibility in form and size, especially In terms of beverages, compared to major competitors such as beverage cans, glass bottles and liquid cartons. The re-degradability of PET bottles for mobile convenience remains a relevant advantage in food and beverage applications.
Changing the package size, packaging design and its label is undoubtedly becoming an increasingly important tool in the brand’s armory, and it is also evident in the brand packaging release. These efforts are for innovative and more personal communication with consumers, as demonstrated by many brand events. In recent years, Coca-Cola’s “Share Coke” campaign is undoubtedly a pivotal example of the brand’s attempt to increase consumer engagement by placing the customer’s name on the package and taking a more personal approach. Thanks to the newly designed bottles and cans, the campaign was successful because it successfully addressed the decline in carbonate consumption and achieved positive growth returns. In the United Kingdom, for example, Coca-Cola’s carbonic acid sales fell by 1% in 2012. After the design was released in 2013, sales increased by 2%. This is undoubtedly a question worth considering in the growing consumer health awareness and the massive competition for today’s healthy beverage alternatives.
Since the “Shared Coke” campaign, other brands have communicated with consumers in a personalized way, including Nutella (Ferro’s chocolate and hazelnut sauce) and jars with personalized labels for a delightful birthday, Christmas Even Valentine’s Day gifts, while Evian’s PET bottled water is launched every day of the week, from lundi to vendredi. These releases should not be seen as gimmicks and fun designed just to appeal to consumers and attract their attention. While these packaging designs are interesting, more importantly, they are also a symbol of today’s ever-changing brand packaging communications, indicating that successful interactions between consumers and brands can also lead to significant growth in brand revenue.
We look forward to seeing more of this development, experiencing brand packaging design to accommodate the more mobile, mobile and connected society in our lives, and the fierce competition between brands. In the digital interconnected young consumers, success may be even more obvious. For the China Pet Bottle packaging industry, whether it is packaging, labeling, sealing or machinery suppliers, brands that seek this design change and more frequent changes need to have greater flexibility in working with packaging suppliers.