Equipment To Adapt To Pet Bottle Preform Bottle Type Change

Domestic automatic pet blowing machine have long relied on high prices, and the small and medium-sized enterprises in the industry basically rewrite the original hand-blowing bottles in history.
Hollow Blow Molding Machine is widely used in milk beverages, cold drinks, medicine and health care products, cosmetics and other industries. However, for a long time, there is only a simple production of manual clamping devices in China. Most SMEs are manually clamped in the original blow molding machine. Blowing machines, molds and bottles require a large number of skilled workers, with high cost, low output and low qualification rate. Some large companies have spent a sum of money on imported injection molding machines. The molds are expensive, and they are generally used for mass production and less replacement products. They cannot meet the current domestic demand for bottle size changes.
The fully automatic PET bottle machine has Chinese characteristics. It combines electric, pneumatic and mechanical transmission, and has the characteristics of advanced performance, simple and practical, simple operation and low cost. The first user automatically rotates the plastic bottle. In the past, the manual clamping device produced a bottle of 100 ml “pops” as an example. One machine has only one ordinary operator, which is reduced by 4 people; class production It reached 23,000 people, an increase of 13,000; more than 98% of qualified products. In addition, there have been significant changes in raw material savings, customer satisfaction, employee labor intensity, and weight deviation, and the overall economic benefits have doubled in the past.
Experts in the industry believe that the development of automatic PET bottle machine has been successful and has achieved large-scale production. This is a new breakthrough in domestic packaging machinery and equipment in recent years. The unit price of this equipment is only 1 / 20 of imported equipment, and also It is suitable for the change of bottle type of Pet Bottle Preform, which is conducive to the popularization of domestic packaging and blowing the bottle into mechanized production as soon as possible.