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When a company decided to move to a plastic injection molding machine, this was not a small task. Companies that need tool repositioning or Pet Preform Mould transfer are often cautious about this process for several reasons. Some companies are trying to avoid this situation altogether, and even choose to build a new tool in the same factory instead of shipping it to a new factory. With the right processes and safeguards, tool transfer is a completely viable option.
When the tool is repositioned
Moldmakers are often required to perform “die takeovers” or tool transfers. Essentially, this process is when you transfer the mold to the mold factory for inspection and injection mold testing, so you can get your project and production capacity back on track.
Communication is the key to transfer
Mold transfer requires planning, communication, and investment in advance to achieve project goals and expectations. Injection molding machines must fully understand the ultimate goal. The required information and actions did not leave any space beyond the full cooperation and disclosure of both parties. Choosing a reliable China Pet Bottle manufacturer can provide more convenience and convenience for your mold design and manufacturing.