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Hot runner Pet Bottle Mould
Hot runner molds consist of two broad categories: internal and external heating systems. External heating systems are more suitable for polymers because they are susceptible to thermal forms. On the other hand, the internal heating system promotes better flow control. These types of plastic molds consist of two plates that are heated using a manifold system that drives the dissolved plastic to the nozzle. These nozzles fill the part cavity. Unlike cold runner molds, hot runner molds completely remove runners, so they have no effect during cycle times.
Insulated runners are an improvement to this system. The insulation keeps the plastic in a molten state, not heat. It can only accept small amounts of plastic, especially semi-crystalline polymers, because of its low thermal conductivity.
Eradicate runners and possible waste
Can accommodate larger parts
Can speed up cycle time
No robots are needed to eliminate runners
Hard to change color
Production can be expensive
Possible downtime
Higher maintenance costs
Thermally sensitive materials are not suitable
A professional china pet preform manufacturers, Jilian Mold can help you determine the right injection molding system for your project. They should be fully aware of all types of plastic processing. They can also help you find used plastic molds or used injection molds, or they can give you advice if they are cost effective.