Pet Preform Manufacturers Produces Different Plastic Molds

Jilian Plastics is a China pet preform manufacturers. We produce different plastic molds, such as plastic bottles, plastic cups and related plastic manufacturing equipment. For plastic molds, we also have OEM after-sales market. Usually we use the following steps to make a plastic shock absorber mold:
– Product analysis and mold process analysis, as well as new mold technology conference
The team of JL Plastics engineers inspected the product and, if necessary, we will make a rapid prototyping sample to check for matching with other parts. In addition, mold flow analysis is necessary before the mold structure is fixed. In this way, we can anticipate any defects in the design and check the appropriate injection system. We will hold a new mold technology meeting to discuss mold structure, especially mold injection system, ejection moving parts, cooling channels and time control, mold tolerance control and so on. ,
-Mold precision machining and mold CMM control
For shock absorber molds, we will use a two-step process from roughing to precision machining. For precision tools, we use a high-speed CNC machine tool, Fidia 3 + 2 CNC tool center for tool processing. Jilian mold will check the mold parts after the CMM measuring machine completes the machining process to check whether the mold tolerance is qualified according to the mold drawing. We can provide customers with CMM measurement reports to check mold parts.
– Mold testing and sample control
After the Pet Preform Mould test, a detailed sample inspection report will be provided to our customer for inspection along with the sample. Sample production will maintain the condition of the sample under different conditions.

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