Pet Bottle Preform Before Inquiry

At the beginning, as a mold company, we do not recommend buying Pet Bottle Preform at a low price, because good molds are definitely not sold at low prices. So we are talking about buying molds to buy the right mold for your company?
We need to buy a mold that suits us. Before the inquiry, the buyer should have a good understanding of their own products and production conditions. You should know the output of the product, the weather of the recycled product, the appearance of the product, the size of the machine to be prepared, and the spare parts in the surrounding market. In this way, the mold manufacturer can choose different mold steels, injection types, cavity numbers, measurement standards and other accessories according to the customer’s situation, all of which can help us provide the right mold for the customer.
When we check the mold test, we should pay attention to the mold cooling, noise, each moving part, and ensure that the injection is under normal pressure. It’s best to let the mold maker make the product for you. You can pay for the extra cost to buy the product; this way, we can see if the mold works well and we may find some problems. Even if we find any problems, the molds are still in the factory and they can be improved. This will be much better than the problem you found in the factory.
If you are in need of a 5-Gallon Pet Preform mold purchase or a problem, please come to contact Jilian mold, I believe we can provide you with a perfect solution.