Jilian Mold 5-Gallon Pet Preform Is Highly Recognized

Jilian Plastic Packaging is one of the leading manufacturers of 5-Gallon Pet Preform molds in China. As mold equipment and management controls continue to improve, our 5 gallon water bottle molds are highly praised for mold quality and delivery time.
Like ordinary water bottle molds, 5 gallon water bottle molds require a large number of products to meet market demand. This requires a 5 gallon mold, fast cycle times, and good continuous quality. Therefore, in the choice of mold steel, we usually recommend the use of stainless steel and two tools to make mold steel of sufficient hardness. All of our mold processing techniques are prior to high precision molds. During the mold making process, our inspection team will check the mold part tolerances after each step to avoid working again and wasting time. Our molds can interchange each cavity.
If you want to order a 5 gallon bottle mold from us, we recommend that you also provide your cap mold, so that we can check the accessories during the product design process. We also made a 5 gallon cap mold that was demolded twice due to the special internal structure. In order to ensure the customer’s peace of mind, we hope to carry out large-scale production on our side for 2 hours before shipment to test the smooth running of the mold. If the customer also wants to buy other Pet Bottle Preform¬†molds, you are welcome to contact us, Jilian mold can maintain the entire line of production. Please do not hesitate to contact us to purchase a 5 gallon water bottle mold.

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