Jilian Mold Helps You Build A Pet Bottle Mould Factory

If you are a person who has just started a Pet Bottle Mould line, it will be a bit difficult to find all the equipment you need, because it is not easy to find the equipment one by one, which is very time consuming. Jilian Plastic Mold can provide you with one-stop service to build a pet preform manufacturing factory!
We can tell you the estimated cost of building a PET prefabrication plant for small, medium or large scale. It depends on your budget. However, we will give you the most cost-effective solution! Typically, the equipment required for a PET line includes:
Polyester preform injection molding machine
Polyester pre-formed mold
Auxiliary machines such as autoloaders, color mixing machines, chillers (air coolers), dehumidifying dryers and crushers.
If the injection molding machine is injection weight and tie rod distance and maximum. The mold wall thickness is large enough that you can produce different preforms on the same machine! Just buy more PET preforms. Our factory is capable of supplying PET preforming dies from 4 to 72 chambers.
Jilian mold not only provides you with equipment for manufacturing PET preforms, we also provide you with a good solution! So don’t hesitate any more. If you are upset about your 5-gallon Pet Preform¬†project, let’s take a look at the Jilian mold and believe it will be your best choice.