Pet Bottle Preform Hot Runner Technology

Hot runner technology has become an important development direction of Pet Bottle Preform¬†injection molding process because of its low waste and short molding cycle. In Western countries, hot runner systems are widely used in the injection molding process. In China’s mold manufacturing industry, hot runner systems are also a trend due to the increase in labor costs and raw materials in China’s injection molding machines.

So how do you choose the right hot runner system to maximize its benefits? There are several aspects to consider when deciding which of the most suitable hot runner systems to use.

Injection pressure
The pressure drop of the hot runner injection system is not negligible. Many hot runner system users have misunderstood that the plastic melt inside the hot runner is always hot, so the hot runner injection pressure drop is much smaller than the cold runner. In fact, in order to meet the needs of hot runner design, the melt flow length in the hot runner system is greatly increased, so the pressure drop of the hot runner injection system is large and cannot be ignored.

In actual cases, due to the large injection pressure drop, many cases occur when the injection is difficult. Therefore, for some plastic resins, such as PC and POM, their melt flow properties are poor, and some require long melt flow length to be completely filled. For large parts, we recommend performing mold flow simulations in advance. The actual design and determination should be based on data output.

One major difference between hot runner systems is the way the melt is heated. The heater in the heating system is mounted directly on the melt channel and the material is heated internally. The external heating system heats the material externally, allowing the material to flow through the flow path without any obstacles. External heating provides a more reasonable melt shear curve.

Gating type
There are many types of injection mold gates available. Factors to consider include: allow for gate mark, gate location, and material type implants. Whether it is an amorphous or crystalline thermoplastic elastomer, having different types of doors is limited to a particular material. Knowing the injection mold gates and materials helps to make the right choice.

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