The Problem Of Producing Pet Bottle Preform

When choosing a one-step and two-step production process for your Pet Bottle Preform small business, you must consider the specifics and requirements of the potential product.

You must also consider factors such as capital costs, availability of preforms, container volume, and technical difficulty.

It must also weigh productivity, product applications, energy consumption, efficiency, machine footprint, and environmental issues.

However, the comparison given above is very illustrative.

For a new PET bottle manufacturer trying to make progress in a crowded industry, the one-step production of PET bottles is a clear way to go.

This will give you more versatility than a two-step production scenario where you will compete with larger players that are better suited for higher yields, fierce competition and lower profit margins.

Therefore, in this guide, assume that your business will use one-step PET bottle production.
One-step method is ideal for extreme bottle design

About the design of new bottles and getting a Pet Bottle Mould

As mentioned earlier, one-step production is ideal for producing non-standard bottle shapes. It also works for low output.

The combination of these two qualities will give your PET bottle manufacturers a degree of versatility and flexibility that allows you to find and serve customers with clearly different product needs.

Catering to such customers of course requires the production of new bottle designs that are entirely dictated by individual specifications.

This will in turn require you to purchase new molds and design the required bottles and preform designs.

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