Evaluation Of Pet Preform Blow Molding Materials

The actual material required for Pet Preform blow molding needs to be evaluated because of its powerful features and the unique guidelines to be followed before starting production. The materials used in the plastic molding process are often thermoplastics or even thermoset materials. Each is a wide variety of polymers. Nylon, polyethylene, and polystyrene are often some of the most widely used thermoplastics, although vulcanized rubber and phenolic plastics are used more because of thermoset materials.
There are many companies and companies that specialize in the production of key components and points made of plastic materials, and use injection molding processes. In addition, there are many companies that specialize in production and provide products from molds used in injection molding strategies.
The value of using a strategy related to plastic machinery is actually shown in fact that the actual supplier provided by the actual company involved in the technology is an incredible requirement for a large number of potential customers, such as individuals in specialized industries such as aerospace, and support. Wherever possible, professionally recycled container products are required and the number of points produced by this method. This program is actually the majority of the programs commonly used in the development process, as well as most thermoplastics such as polystyrene and nylon.
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Cost-effective China Pet Bottle

When purchasing high quality Pet Preform, it is worthwhile considering the reality of the new economy. The concept of best value now includes the value of your relationship with the supplier. It is worthwhile to find a source that can be your collaborator.


At one end of the continuum, the company can purchase supplies at the lowest possible monetary cost. This is the traditional approach where buyers and suppliers often compete with each other to maximize their profits.


At the other end of the continuum, in theory, a company can make every component it needs without outsourcing at all. This approach has drawbacks even when possible. One possibility is that internal production facilities sometimes lack the competitive advantage of suppliers operating in open markets.


Between these two extremes, you will find a hybrid procurement approach. Through this collaborative approach, suppliers not only create the parts you need, but also add value to your manufacturing process by providing additional assets such as experience, responsiveness and creativity.

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Jilian Mold Provides A Satisfactory China Pet Bottle

With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, there is a greater demand for higher quality Pet Preform, and pet preforms are also the best product packaging options for food and beverage companies.

As PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottling technology almost replaces glass, ceramics and other materials, mineral or filtered water and each beverage are packaged in PET-based containers. PET preform molds, cavitation molds, mold inserts, mold bases, plastic injection molds, cover molds, and thin-wall molds are all critical in the manufacture of each PET bottle or can.

Jilian mold has mastered the art of mold and has high-quality mold inserts and bases. These are designed, developed and manufactured from high quality raw materials such as imported standard steel according to the specifications of the bottling equipment or customers. They may differ in terms of cavitation capabilities. To ensure the highest quality and durability of each product, expert engineers and technicians randomly and accurately check each raw material input into the finished product.

We have an in-house test laboratory with ultra-modern test systems, the latest tools and advanced analytical instruments to help accelerate the production of each preform. Jilian Plastic Mould is a China Pet Bottle manufacturer that is well received by domestic and foreign customers. No matter where you are, I believe that we have chosen Jilian Plastic Mould, we can become the most satisfactory product for you.

Extend The Life Of Pet Preform Injection Molding Machine

  1. A big habit of Pet Preforminjection molding machine operation has great benefits for the service life and production safety of the machine.

    (1) Before the machine starts

    1 Check for water or oil in the electrical control box. If the machine is affected by moisture, do not open it. Only after the maintenance personnel have dried the parts can they be opened.

    2 Check if the voltage meets the requirements, usually within 15%.

    3 Check the validity of the emergency stop button and the switch of the front and rear safety doors. Verify that the direction of rotation of the motor and oil pump are the same.

    4 Check whether the cooling channels are unblocked, no blockage, and let the coolant enter the oil cooler and the water jacket at the barrel end.

    5 Check that all joints are lubricated and add lubricant/grease if necessary.

    6 Turn on the electric heating control system and heat each part of the barrel. After each stage is heated to the desired temperature, it is held for a period of time to obtain a relatively stable machine temperature. The temperature retention time varies with different equipment and plastic materials.

    7 Add enough plastic material to the hopper. Some materials require pre-drying depending on the plastic injection molding requirements.

    8 Put the barrel on the heat shield to save power and extend the life of the electric heater and contactor.

    (2) during operation

    1 For the sake of convenience, do not ignore the importance of safety doors.

    2 Always pay attention to the temperature of the hydraulic oil to keep it within the allowable range. The ideal operating temperature for hydraulic fluids should be maintained at 45 – 50 ° C; usually, the appropriate temperature range is 35 – 60 ° C.

    3 Don’t forget to adjust each travel limit switch to avoid collision when the machine is running.

    (3) after surgery

    1 Before shutting down, thoroughly clean the barrel to prevent residual materials from oxidizing or decomposing due to prolonged heating.

    2 Open the mold and keep the toggle mechanism locked.

    3 The workshop needs to upgrade all equipment. Carefully handle heavy mold parts and components during assembly/disassembly to ensure production safety.

    Injection molding machine debugging instructions

    ( 1. Purpose

    Meet product quality requirements with the fastest speed, lowest cost and best molding cycle.

    (2) Scope of application

    Machine commissioning and workflow adjustment for the injection department

    (3) Preparation for work

    1 Both new and old products, production process documents, product samples, material performance documents, and product weight and mold structure documents are required. For older products, find out the production process files and enter them into the computer, then adjust the molds and equipment to the desired state.

    2 Check whether the condition of equipment, mold and materials allows commissioning, such as whether the material is dry, whether the mold is clean and running well, whether the temperature of the cylinder reaches the molding requirements, whether the cooling system is turned on, etc.

    (4) Machine debugging

    For older products, enter process parameters prior to routine operation and begin mass production after quality inspection. If it is a new product, the steps are as follows:

    1 Set the barrel temperature to the normal molding temperature. The melt and injection stroke distances are set according to the weight of the product.

    2 Determine the injection pressure and speed according to the injection molding process. Medium pressure (50~80MPa) and speed (30~60mm/s) are usually used.

    3 Determine the dwell time according to the type and size of the gate. Precise positioning of the door, 6 – 8 seconds; side gates and sprues, 8 – 10 seconds.

    4 Determine the cooling time according to the cooling channel layout and product thickness, initially set to 15 – 20s.

    5 Manually start the injection molding process; increase or decrease the relevant data according to the defects of the molded product until the product quality meets the requirements and allows continuous operation.

    6 Switch the machine from manual mode to semi-automatic mode and adjust parameters during production to achieve the best injection cycle. Injection cycle = mold opening/closing time + injection time + melting time + cooling time, all of which need to be minimized. In general, for a 100 gram injection molding machine, if a two-plate mold is used, the mold opening/closing time is maintained at about 2 s, or if there is a slider, it is maintained for a longer period of time. The injection time should be gradually reduced by 0.5 s until defects occur. Then stop the adjustment and return to the previous data. Regarding the melting time, try to reduce the back pressure, speed up the melting, and avoid air mixing and bubbles. The adjustment of the cooling time is similar to the adjustment of the injection time: a gradual decrease of 1 second, and then the molded product is compared with a standard sample. If the two are of the same quality, it is considered the best cooling time.

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Pet Preform Cost Solution

Design engineers and their employers have shifted their focus from the days when their company produces injection molded parts to contract manufacturers, and the purchasing department tracks delivery.

Pet Preform injection partner program

For production quality, cost control and innovative solutions, design engineers and their companies are now looking for suppliers as partners. Knowledge exchange between designers/companies and suppliers creates an inclusive set of goals, including part design/optimization, tool modification or simplification, cost control, timely delivery, and special handling. As a result, suppliers are able to “fill in” the company’s ability gap to find proactive opportunities outside of customer inquiries.

Supplier to Partner: Journey

For this customer, they were able to identify their key characteristics for the injection molding partner:

A supplier with relevant expertise in injection molding design techniques for a specific part of the project.
Winning the respect and business of other leading companies.
Responsive supplier. Well-informed, multidisciplinary teams are ready.
A supplier who works with product designers to realize the possibilities.
A supplier that helps customers work efficiently.

With years of experience in the manufacture of China Pet Bottle, Jilian Mold can develop professional design solutions according to your needs. Welcome to leave a message and consult us.

China Pet Bottle Has A Professional Team

While having multiple vendors in your business may be a good idea, it’s not the best option for your blow molding project. Blow molding is a project that requires consultation and discussion with experts to achieve the results you want. Because blow molding projects must be carefully planned, dealing with a supplier will make your job easier.

Here are a few reasons why it is best to find a supplier for your blown Pet Preform project.

Low price
There are many ways to reduce costs when dealing with a single supplier. Most importantly, your control and visibility into your company’s purchases will increase. In addition, a good supplier will be able to advise how to make your product more cost effective while maintaining product quality.

save time
Coordinating with a supplier can save you time. Finding the right expertise, contacting multiple suppliers, and solving misunderstandings with multiple suppliers will waste your time and effort. With a single vendor, you will be better able to track and manage orders and save time.

Average quality
Working with a single supplier will ensure that your product quality is consistent. In addition, after working with your business for a while, suppliers will be able to improve product quality to meet your business needs.

reduce risk
If you have multiple suppliers, you may miss the deadline and opportunity. If you work with a supplier, you will get better service. Your suppliers will understand your business and its needs, which will enable them to prevent errors and bring you the best value.

Jilian Plastic Mould Co., Ltd. produces high quality and affordable China Pet Bottle. If you have any needs in this regard, please feel free to contact us. We have the most professional team to ensure that you can bring you satisfactory products.

The Solution Of Pet Preform Defects

Bubbles and voids

Air pockets in Pet Preform are called bubbles or voids. Although you can usually see them on the surface of a part, sometimes they are hidden and weaken the structure of the part. These defects are also caused by the air trapped in the mold. When the material shrinks, the injection pressure is too low, or the part cooling rate stops, the air slides in.

Solution: Shrinkage can occur when the molten plastic cools and solidifies. As the wall thickness of the molded part increases, the shrinkage factor also increases. Design practices can help reduce shrinkage that causes bubbles and voids: keep the wall thickness less than 6 mm, the size and location of the gate, or change the grade of the raw material. An additional solution could be to increase the injection pressure and force any residual air out of the mold.
Sink mark

The depressed and uneven surface is called a recessed mark. Similar to other defects, the sinking marks are caused by uneven cooling and shrinkage of the molten plastic. The cause of the sinking may vary depending on the materials, design or process used. For example, the thicker portion cools more slowly whenever the wall thickness changes. These differences in thickness and temperature cause the material to pull slightly inward, resulting in depressions.

Solution: Keeping the wall thickness uniform is one way to ensure even cooling and reduce the risk of sinking. Engineers can also adjust some design features, such as hollowing out solid sections where possible. There are other solutions where you can place the gate to reduce injection pressure and time.
Use cost-effective injection molds to avoid cost and product defects

Experienced injection molds quickly identify and repair defects and imperfections in molded plastic parts. Investing in smart mold design and an experienced mold team will be the first step in preventing product defects and the first step in avoiding unnecessary repairs or modification costs. The Chinese pet bottle manufacturer is your trustworthy choice, and Jilian Plastic is one of the most experienced and well-known China Pet Bottle manufacturers. We believe that we can effectively avoid defects in production for you. Bring a smooth production process.

Pet Preform Mould Packaging Considerations

Packaging is a key part of any process, not only because it sells products, but because it greatly affects the integrity and quality of the product.

This is why in the plastic parts manufacturing industry, great attention has been paid to the design and planning of the types of packaging used on plastic parts.

What should I consider when packaging a Pet Preform Mould?
1) size or quantity

Are these parts in bulk or do they need to be packaged separately? Not only does this greatly affect the cost, but it also affects the amount of packaging required.

Note that in some cases, you can wrap the parts separately and place them in a larger box for distribution.

2) Transportation and distribution

How will these parts be transported? Poorly packaged parts can be very damaged if they are going through a difficult journey during the delivery process.

Be careful how to ensure that the parts remain intact under conditions of transportation and distribution.

This will also affect your choice of packaging materials. While cartons are a common choice for personal packaging, you may want to consider stronger, safer packaging materials to prevent parts from being transported over long distances and you are not sure how to handle them.

3) Price

Your product packaging will incur costs, which means that you must also take this into account when calculating the total price of the part.

Packaging creates costs that keep you within the best price range.

4) End use

Will the parts be shipped directly to the customer or will it be sent only to the distributor? This will greatly affect how you package your product.

If the product is shipped directly to the customer, the package may have to be separate. There are also cases where secondary packaging is required.

If the chain ends at the distributor, you can package the product separately and place all of these individual packages in the main carton.

Sometimes dealers also want to use their own individual packaging. In this case, you can consider bulk packaging.

Pet Preform Manufacturers should consider all possible options before deciding on the appropriate packaging. This may seem like a trivial aspect, but in reality it can greatly damage the quality of your product.

Reduce The Weight Of Pet Preform

  1. Pet Preformare very strong

    PET is a sturdy plastic that is almost non-fragile and will not break if it really breaks. This makes it an excellent choice for bottled water, as it is safe to carry when you are out or taking part in sports.

    2. PET bottles are very light

    Bottled water producers have been working to “reduce” the weight of their pet preforms to ensure the least amount of plastic is used, and the bottles are easy to carry when you are out.

    3. PET bottles are 100% recyclable

    PET water bottles are 100% recyclable. If the local authorities do not collect plastic, the bottles can be taken to a local household waste recycling center. They can also be recycled into recycling bins in town centres and shopping centres.

    4. PET bottles protect the quality of natural water

    These natural sources of water are completely drinkable, which means they do not require any chemical treatment. Water comes from protected groundwater sources and is bottled. PET containers ensure that water is carefully protected before drinking.


5. PET bottles are transparent

PET allows the contents of the bottle to remain visible, allowing people to see the quality products in the container. That’s why bottled water is great!

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Injection Blow Molding Of Pet Preform

The first step in injection molding Pet Preform packaging is to heat and melt the material. The material is dosed from the container by a specially designed screw that rotates within the cylinder and then heated by the heating element. The temperature of the plastic rises due to friction on the cylinder wall. Due to the rotational motion, heat is evenly distributed around the cylinder, and the high pressure in the screw causes the plastic to form.

The next stage in the manufacture of an injection molded pet preform package is the actual injection. The screw here moves in a rotational motion, but also moves in a reciprocating motion, which causes the molten plastic to flow into the prepared injection mold. Injection molds are usually made of steel and are designed to allow for rapid filling, which is beneficial for the effectiveness of the packaging manufacturing process.

Depending on the type of pet preform used to make the package, it is cooled or heated once poured into the mold. Thermoset plastics require heating, while thermoplastics require cooling. By using a suitable stabilization method for the plastic, it maintains the shape of the mold as it cools.

The mold is then emptied by automatic ejection. Off-the-shelf packaging removes plastic residue that may solidify on the feed channel or parts that join the mold halves. This is achieved by mechanically cutting unnecessary components and polishing the package.

PET bottle – injection blow molding

We can also use injection molding technology to make PET bottles. They are formed by two methods. Single-stage ISBM is also known as injection blow molding. The single-stage approach makes it possible to carry out the production process on one machine, resulting in a faster and more efficient process. The obvious advantage of this approach over other methods is the higher visual quality of the product.

Jilian Mold can use this method to produce China Pet Bottle of various shapes and meet your various needs. Our products are applicable to a wide range. Please contact us to get more professional support and help.