Pet Preform Mould Packaging Considerations

Packaging is a key part of any process, not only because it sells products, but because it greatly affects the integrity and quality of the product.

This is why in the plastic parts manufacturing industry, great attention has been paid to the design and planning of the types of packaging used on plastic parts.

What should I consider when packaging a Pet Preform Mould?
1) size or quantity

Are these parts in bulk or do they need to be packaged separately? Not only does this greatly affect the cost, but it also affects the amount of packaging required.

Note that in some cases, you can wrap the parts separately and place them in a larger box for distribution.

2) Transportation and distribution

How will these parts be transported? Poorly packaged parts can be very damaged if they are going through a difficult journey during the delivery process.

Be careful how to ensure that the parts remain intact under conditions of transportation and distribution.

This will also affect your choice of packaging materials. While cartons are a common choice for personal packaging, you may want to consider stronger, safer packaging materials to prevent parts from being transported over long distances and you are not sure how to handle them.

3) Price

Your product packaging will incur costs, which means that you must also take this into account when calculating the total price of the part.

Packaging creates costs that keep you within the best price range.

4) End use

Will the parts be shipped directly to the customer or will it be sent only to the distributor? This will greatly affect how you package your product.

If the product is shipped directly to the customer, the package may have to be separate. There are also cases where secondary packaging is required.

If the chain ends at the distributor, you can package the product separately and place all of these individual packages in the main carton.

Sometimes dealers also want to use their own individual packaging. In this case, you can consider bulk packaging.

Pet Preform Manufacturers should consider all possible options before deciding on the appropriate packaging. This may seem like a trivial aspect, but in reality it can greatly damage the quality of your product.

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