Pet Preform Cost Solution

Design engineers and their employers have shifted their focus from the days when their company produces injection molded parts to contract manufacturers, and the purchasing department tracks delivery.

Pet Preform injection partner program

For production quality, cost control and innovative solutions, design engineers and their companies are now looking for suppliers as partners. Knowledge exchange between designers/companies and suppliers creates an inclusive set of goals, including part design/optimization, tool modification or simplification, cost control, timely delivery, and special handling. As a result, suppliers are able to “fill in” the company’s ability gap to find proactive opportunities outside of customer inquiries.

Supplier to Partner: Journey

For this customer, they were able to identify their key characteristics for the injection molding partner:

A supplier with relevant expertise in injection molding design techniques for a specific part of the project.
Winning the respect and business of other leading companies.
Responsive supplier. Well-informed, multidisciplinary teams are ready.
A supplier who works with product designers to realize the possibilities.
A supplier that helps customers work efficiently.

With years of experience in the manufacture of China Pet Bottle, Jilian Mold can develop professional design solutions according to your needs. Welcome to leave a message and consult us.

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