Characteristics Of Blow Molding Pet Preform

(1) The cost of blow molding machinery (especially blow molding Pet Preform molds) is low. For example, when molding the same product, the cost of blow molding machinery is about 1/3 or 1/2 of the injection molding machine, and the production cost of the product. Also lower.

(2) In blow molding, the parison is formed by extrusion at a lower pressure and inflated at a low pressure (mostly 0.2 to 1.0 MPa), so the residual stress of the product is small, and it is resistant to stretching and impact. The various strains such as bending and environment have higher functions and have better functions. In injection blow molding, the plastic melt passes through the mold flow path and the gate at high pressure (15 to 140 MPa), which causes uneven stress distribution.

(3) The molecular weight of blown grade plastics (such as PE) is much higher than that of injection grade plastics. Such blow molded products have high impact toughness and high environmental stress cracking resistance, which is often advantageous for producing large capacity plastic bottles.

(4) Since the blow mold is composed only of the female mold, the wall thickness of the bottle body can be changed by simply scheduling the die cavity gap or the extrusion condition, which is very difficult for the product which cannot accurately calculate the required wall thickness in advance. advantageous. For injection molding, the cost of changing the wall thickness of the product is much higher.

(5) Blow molding can form a product with a very thin wall thickness, and such a product cannot be molded by an injection method.

(6) Blow molding can form a messy, irregular and monolithic product. When using injection blow molding, two or more pieces must be produced first, and then combined by fastener cooperation, solvent bonding or ultrasonic welding.

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