How To Design Injection Molding Of Pet Preform

Manufacturers of injection molded products need to consider the design of Pet Preform.
(1) When designing a pressure pet bottle, in the case of high-density polyethylene and polypropylene, the pet bottle has a rectangular or elliptical cross section, and is made of low-density polyethylene and other flexible pet bottles. It is best to make a round shape. This content is squeezed out of the pet bottle. The pet bottle and pet parts are mainly caps and seals. The design of the pet bottle mouth should be subject to key tests. How can the pet bottle mouth tightly fit the lid and the sealer to the bottom of the pet bottle, which is a weak part of the pet bottle mechanics. Therefore, the bottom of the pet bottle is generally designed like a concave shape. The position of the pet bottle corner, as well as the depression inside, are too large arcs. Because the accumulation of pet bottles is very convenient, the stability of the ceiling of the pet bottle is increased, and the bottom of the pet bottle has an inner groove.

(2) In the case of marking the surface of the pet bottle, the reference sticker is flat. Design a “frame” on the surface of the pet bottle to move it incorrectly without moving. At the time of molding, the first contact portion is likely to be a portion that is hardened first. Therefore, the wall of that part will become thicker. The edge and the rotating part are type-expanded, and at the last contact, the wall of the part becomes thicker. Therefore, the edges and corner portions of the pet bottle are designed to be rounded. When the surface shape of the pet bottle is changed, the portion of the pet bottle is relatively thin, which can increase the groove and the rib around the surface of the pet bottle, and can improve the rigidity and the resistance of the pet bottle. By strengthening the longitudinal grooves or ribs, the long-term load, sagging or deformation of the pet bottle can be removed.

(3) The printed surface of the pet bottle is the part where the consumer concentrates. The printing surface is flat and continuous; if the pet bottle includes a steering wheel, a groove, a rib, etc., it must be designed so that the printing operation cannot be inconvenient. Although the oval pet bottle is strong, the manufacturing cost of the mold is also high. Therefore, in order to ensure the rigidity of the pet bottle, in addition to selecting a material with high rigidity, the rigidity of the pet bottle and the load resistance are improved by the shape design of the pet bottle.

(4) Many pets are notched, so the pet bottle is prone to cracks and cracks at the front end, the root of the mouth, the neck, etc., so these parts are designed to be rounded. For the intersection of the rectangular pet bottle, in order to support most of the load of the pet bottle, part of the wall will become thicker, which can improve the rigidity and load resistance of the pet bottle.

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