Melt Regeneration Of China Pet Bottle

Pet Preform are widely used and must have a certain material basis for recycling. Before recycling, sorting and impurity removal should be carried out to remove impurities such as sediment and metal and non-PET to facilitate recycling. The green utilization technology of waste PP plastics is mainly in material resource recycling and chemical recovery. Although the combustion heat of PET is equivalent to the combustion heat of fuel oil, the treatment of waste PP by incineration has large quantity, high efficiency, low cost and combustion residue treatment. Convenience and other advantages, but in the combustion process, due to the participation of other elements besides carbon and hydrogen and the occurrence of a large number of side reactions, a large amount of harmful gases are generated, so the application of energy recovery methods is limited.

The simple recycling is to dispose the waste PP plastic products recovered from waste materials into classification-cleaning-crushing-granulation processing. The recycling process is relatively simple, and the performance of the obtained recycled product is not good, and generally only a lower grade plastic product can be produced. The condition for simple recycling of waste PP plastics is that the composition is relatively simple, the degree of aging is low, and the performance is similar to that of new materials. Most of the waste PP plastics do not meet this condition, so the simple reuse of waste PP plastics is limited. The object of simple reuse is mainly the recycling of corner scraps produced during the production process of polypropylene resin production plants and polypropylene plastic products factories, as well as disposable waste products such as PP woven bags and instruments that are easy to clean and select. Disk and so on. The polypropylene plastic recovered by this method can be directly processed into various geotechnical materials, such as a blind ditch which can reduce the surface water level or a civil graffiti which prevents the landslide collapse, and can also be used to manufacture the soil reinforcement for reinforcing the soil. It can also be used to make screens for slope protection. In addition, the China Pet Bottle is melted and regenerated, that is, the plastic is heated and melted and then re-plasticized. It is also a simple method of recycling.

The Factors To Be Considered In The Design Of Pet Preform

The Pet Preform model looks simple; there are actually many factors to consider.

Pet bottle mold cooling system design: The design of the cooling system is a relatively complicated task. We need to consider the cooling effect and uniformity, as well as the impact of the cooling system on the overall structure of the mold. Determination of the specific location and size of the cooling system; moving key components such as stencils, cooling inserts; cooling side sliders and side cores; design of cooling components and selection of cooling standard components. Our company began to analyze these series of problems in mold design. The mold uses circulating water to flow in various parts of the mold, which reduces the cooling time in the injection molding process, improves the production efficiency of the product, and greatly reduces the production cost.

The base of the bottle mold uses a standard base. Excellent materials have good corrosion resistance, toughness, thermal conductivity and hardness, making polishing easier, saving production cycle, extending mold life, reducing maintenance and repair time, reducing cracking risk and improving production efficiency.

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China’s Pet Bottle Achieves Low Carbonization

The energy saving, pet emission reduction and low-carbon economy of Pet Preform have become a long-term development trend, and at the same time, a number of new industries with rapid development have been driven. Such as high-speed trains, rail transit, etc., and these industries have also put forward new requirements for the pet preform industry. As the basic equipment of the manufacturing industry, the pet preform industry is known as the “mother of industry”. The trend of the pet preform manufacturing industry and its entire industrial chain affects every “nerve” of the manufacturing industry.

At present, domestic and foreign countries encourage pet bottle preform enterprises to develop green production through a series of policies, the purpose of which is “energy saving, emission reduction and material saving”. In response to this requirement, the mold industry first replaces heavier quality materials

China’s Pet Bottle Achieves Low Carbonization

with light materials, such as magnesium and aluminum alloys, plastic steel, and high-strength, high-stiffness materials. At the same time, it also actively purchases advanced low-energy environmental protection processing equipment and waste gas and waste treatment equipment to achieve green production.

It can be seen from the development direction of the above-mentioned pet preform industry that paying attention to the low-carbon problem of the pet preform manufacturing industry and its entire industrial chain, in addition to the processing of raw materials, production equipment and exhaust gas, it is also necessary to realize the pet preforms in a wide range and to a large extent. The production of the manufacturing industry is intelligent. Because the intelligent industry is both a low-carbon economy and advanced technology, in line with the current overall economic development direction.

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How To Achieve Pet Preform To The World

As the food industry continues to grow, the food and beverage packaging industry is also expanding. It also stimulates the industry of blowing molds. China’s current blow molding machine industry faces the following major problems:

1. Blowing machine enterprises urgently need to develop in the direction of green, environmental protection, quality optimization and high energy. How to better develop the blowing bottle industry around “safety, environmental protection and quality and health” has become an urgent need for solving the current era. The problem, because in today’s polluted era, the development of a bottle blowing product combined with environmental protection and zero pollution is the only way out for the development of Pet Preform mold.

2, according to statistics, the current development of the blowing industry is mainly concentrated in Taizhou, Zhangzhou, Foshan and other places, the scale of development is still very small, thus creating a brand of blowing molds, it is very important, this can not only Expand the scale of development of preform molds, and guide the preform molds to the world.

3. The secondary blowing of the blowing mold is carried out. A lot of things are recycled and reused, which not only reduces costs, but also reduces unnecessary costs for enterprises and makes small-scale enterprises develop more rapidly. This is because the cost of making a new blow mold is still quite high. High, so this reflects the establishment of a special trading platform for second-hand preform molds, so that the quality of second-hand preform molds is very necessary.

China Pet Bottle are very advantageous both in terms of product quality and price. However, we still have to do the above work and believe that we can make our Chinese pet bottles go further.

Jilian Mold China Pet Bottle Humanized Design

In addition to the basic functions of the quality pet bottle, the quality of the PET bottle should be clearly indicated. The different types of pet bottle processing have a very clear difference, through the comparison and change of structure and shape, color and mechanism. It can form linguistic hints and visual guidance, and some accessories can be designed and processed when necessary. With its own language, it is clear how to use the Pet Preform.

Under normal circumstances, the design of pet packaging PET bottles is mainly conceived under the premise of easy use, even if there are special circumstances. Because children are naive in behavioral and cognitive attitudes, often opening a pet bottle of chemical or pharmaceutical type, even if the guardian does not pay attention, has irreparable consequences. Therefore, it is necessary to design some operational obstacles when designing pet bottles, which has a relatively positive and positive effect. A sturdy container is designed to be designed for child safety, primarily by wisdom rather than by force, thus eliminating the dangerous performance of the child. For example, some medicine pet bottles are opened by pressing down and rotating. When the bottle is rotated, the bottle cap is pressed to open the bottle cap. Otherwise, no matter how it is rotated or how much strength is used, it cannot be opened. This is very good to prevent children from accidents. For the pet bottle with obstacles, it is a design thinking of the current high-end fashion, which fully demonstrates that this is the humanized design of the medical pet bottle, expressing a good concern for people.

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Is The Safety Of Transparent Pet Preform High?

Nowadays, the production process is getting better and better. Transparent pet bottle packaging relies on its increasingly transparent appearance to attack the city in the packaging field of food, beverage and cosmetics.

In the past, glass bottles occupied the protagonist position in the food and beverage packaging market with their transparent appearance. With the advent and addition of transparent pet bottles such as PET and PP, the advantages of transparent pet bottles and lower cost have begun to prevail in the market.

Indeed, transparent Pet Preform allow customers to see the contents of the package at a glance, and it is clearly very important for today’s untrustworthy food consumption. However, the production of transparent pet bottles is not as good as ours. In order to increase the transparency of pet bottles, BPA needs to be added. BPA is also known as bisphenol A. We all know that bisphenol A is harmful to the human body. Although under certain conditions, the structure of the pet bottle is stable and will not affect the human body. However, as the transparency increases, the amount of bisphenol A used will increase, which will only be detrimental to the human body.

Therefore, under the same conditions, our consumers can choose the pet bottle or the glass bottle that is not so transparent, so that the use will be more assured.

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Brief Introduction Of The Pet Preform By Jilian Mold

China’s Pet Preform market can be divided into two parts: the “open” market segment and the “non-open” market segment. PET bottles in the “non-open” market segment are self-produced by beverage companies and are basically not sold separately; the “open” market segment is the main competitive area for PET bottle manufacturers. Next, Jilian mold will bring the majority of netizens to introduce pet bottle preforms in detail!

PET bottles have strong applicability and are widely used in daily necessities, daily packaging and other fields. From mold processing to machine equipment, it is extremely critical, easy to get started, and difficult to do.

Due to its light weight and good preservation, the technical trend of emphasizing heat resistance and pressure resistance has made PET bottles the mainstream of today’s drinking packaging. Many beverages that require high-temperature sterilization to be filled, such as flavored water, juice, dairy products, sports drinks, etc., have also been packaged in PET bottles. PET bottles have become the mainstay of beverage packaging materials. Due to its low environmental pollution and energy consumption, PET bottles have gradually replaced traditional packaging materials in today’s environmental awareness. With its functions of heat resistance and pressure resistance, it has recently replaced various PVC bottles, bags, aluminum cans, iron cans, glass bottles, etc., and has become the packaging material with the most growth potential.

PET bottles are re-processed by blow molding to form plastic bottles, including bottles for cosmetics, medicine, health care, beverages, mineral water, reagents, etc. This bottle making method is called two-step method, that is, preforming by injection molding, and again A method of blow molding to form a PET plastic bottle.

PET bottle routine testing has bottle wall thickness detection, pressure resistance test, and bottle cap open fatigue detection. PET manufacturers have their own quality inspection department.

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Jilian Mold Is A Good Choice For China Pet Bottle

Hot-filled Pet Preform require a higher level of liquid after filling or full bottle, in order to reduce the effect of residual oxygen content in the air quality on the beverage. At the same time, heating the bottle material may also discharge some air, which is a good step, the top surface sterilization after the inside of the bottle and the bottle cap, further ensuring the quality of the beverage.

Design the structural part of the filling machine

1. The hot filling machine must be equipped with a reflow material control system to control the return material.

2. Fill the cylinder into the cylinder and divide the lower cylinder into two parts, and the two cylinders rotate synchronously with the device. The internal structure of the upper and lower cylinders should be smooth, no clean dead corners, and easy to clean. The cylinder level is controlled on a cylinder with a level control sensing element.
3. Inlet valve

When the bottle rotates, the external lever rotates and the filling valve opens for filling; when the bottle filling valve is not closed, only a small amount of material in the passage enters the next cylinder through the valve, and does not cause the valve to lower the material temperature and also reduces the material. The reflux reduces the possibility of repeated heating of the material causing a change in the taste of the beverage to some extent.

There is no valve spring, no cleaning dead angle, valve sleeve and center tube have no O-ring seal, easy to CIP cleaning, it will not appear O-ring phenomenon that affects the quality of the beverage falling into the bottle. The inlet pipe, the return pipe connection and the filling valve are all made of stainless steel pipe, which avoids the impact of the “water bag” connection and the CIP cleaning effect of the residual cleaning liquid caused by the metal sheath hose in the CIP cleaning.

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How To Exclude The Bottom Of Pet Preform Whitish

How to completely eliminate the whitening of the bottom of the Pet Preform is an annoyance for the preform manufacturer, then how can we completely eliminate the whitening of the bottom of the pet preform? Here are a few useful methods:

1. Speed ​​up the injection speed, reduce the pressure retention, and slow down the cooling water flow rate;

2. Check whether the dry material temperature is too small or the injection quantity does not match. It must be ensured that the raw material is dried at 165 degrees to a moisture content of less than 0.02%;

3. Strengthen insulation measures, increase the temperature of the hot nozzle at the location, and appropriately increase the temperature of the material;

4, to ensure drying for more than four hours, increase the material temperature, increase the screw speed;

5, strengthen cooling, thin wall thickness, strengthen cooling water, extend cooling time, change injection time, reduce pressure.

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China Pet Bottle Good Reputation

  1. Development status of global Pet Preform
    Since 2003, global PET production capacity has expanded at an average annual rate of 9%. In 2005, the production capacity has reached 54.7 million tons, and the output in 2005 was 41 million tons. According to PCi’s forecast, by 2008, global PET production capacity will be It has reached 67 million tons and the output is 50 million tons.
    At present, the product range of PET has also expanded from the original polyester staple fiber to the current series of polyester staple fiber, polyester filament, polyester bottle, polyester film, non-woven fabric, engineering plastics and composite multifunctional products. There are thousands of kinds of products, and the product series is also developed from the initial 100% short fiber to the balanced development of multiple varieties.
    The large-scale industrialization of PET in China started in the early 1980s, and it has grown stronger than in the mid-1990s. At present, the production capacity has exceeded 20 million tons, becoming the world’s largest producer and consumer of PET, and the current proportion of PET in China. The forecast is as follows:
    2. Development status and trend of global non-fibrous PET
    PET for non-fibrous use has long been introduced by Kodak as a substrate for photographic film. Since the mid-1980s, Coca-Cola introduced this product into the beverage packaging field. Since then, non-fiber PET has developed rapidly and has been developed into bottles. , film, sheet, engineering plastics, packing belt (plastic steel belt) and other fields, only for food grade bottles with PET slices for mineral water, carbonated drinks, hot canned drinks, white wine bottles and beer bottles, etc. Classification. The global PET production capacity for packaging in 2005 reached 14.5 million tons, and its distribution is as follows:
    China’s packaging and non-fibrous PET started late, but it is growing rapidly. In 2005, China’s bottle PET production capacity reached 3.1 million tons, and the output reached 1.7 million tons, of which 1.2 million tons were sold domestically and 500,000 tons were exported. According to the current consumption of PET in bottles in Europe and the United States (17KG/person in the US, 20KG/person in Europe) and the proportion of total PET production capacity, there is still much room for development in PET production for packaging in China (currently 1.3KG/person), it is expected that its growth rate should be 15%/year, which means that the production capacity at the end of the “11th Five-Year Plan” will be close to 6.5-7 million tons/year.
    Conclusion: Due to the rapid growth in the use of disposable PET packaging, new pressures are placed on environmental protection in China and the world. We often say the words “waste is put together as garbage, and waste is placed separately as a resource.” If we can do a good job in the recycling and utilization of waste PET, it will not only reduce environmental pollution, but also provide a new raw material route for human beings.
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