How To Exclude The Bottom Of Pet Preform Whitish

How to completely eliminate the whitening of the bottom of the Pet Preform is an annoyance for the preform manufacturer, then how can we completely eliminate the whitening of the bottom of the pet preform? Here are a few useful methods:

1. Speed ​​up the injection speed, reduce the pressure retention, and slow down the cooling water flow rate;

2. Check whether the dry material temperature is too small or the injection quantity does not match. It must be ensured that the raw material is dried at 165 degrees to a moisture content of less than 0.02%;

3. Strengthen insulation measures, increase the temperature of the hot nozzle at the location, and appropriately increase the temperature of the material;

4, to ensure drying for more than four hours, increase the material temperature, increase the screw speed;

5, strengthen cooling, thin wall thickness, strengthen cooling water, extend cooling time, change injection time, reduce pressure.

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