Jilian Mold Is A Good Choice For China Pet Bottle

Hot-filled Pet Preform require a higher level of liquid after filling or full bottle, in order to reduce the effect of residual oxygen content in the air quality on the beverage. At the same time, heating the bottle material may also discharge some air, which is a good step, the top surface sterilization after the inside of the bottle and the bottle cap, further ensuring the quality of the beverage.

Design the structural part of the filling machine

1. The hot filling machine must be equipped with a reflow material control system to control the return material.

2. Fill the cylinder into the cylinder and divide the lower cylinder into two parts, and the two cylinders rotate synchronously with the device. The internal structure of the upper and lower cylinders should be smooth, no clean dead corners, and easy to clean. The cylinder level is controlled on a cylinder with a level control sensing element.
3. Inlet valve

When the bottle rotates, the external lever rotates and the filling valve opens for filling; when the bottle filling valve is not closed, only a small amount of material in the passage enters the next cylinder through the valve, and does not cause the valve to lower the material temperature and also reduces the material. The reflux reduces the possibility of repeated heating of the material causing a change in the taste of the beverage to some extent.

There is no valve spring, no cleaning dead angle, valve sleeve and center tube have no O-ring seal, easy to CIP cleaning, it will not appear O-ring phenomenon that affects the quality of the beverage falling into the bottle. The inlet pipe, the return pipe connection and the filling valve are all made of stainless steel pipe, which avoids the impact of the “water bag” connection and the CIP cleaning effect of the residual cleaning liquid caused by the metal sheath hose in the CIP cleaning.

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