Jilian Mold China Pet Bottle Humanized Design

In addition to the basic functions of the quality pet bottle, the quality of the PET bottle should be clearly indicated. The different types of pet bottle processing have a very clear difference, through the comparison and change of structure and shape, color and mechanism. It can form linguistic hints and visual guidance, and some accessories can be designed and processed when necessary. With its own language, it is clear how to use the Pet Preform.

Under normal circumstances, the design of pet packaging PET bottles is mainly conceived under the premise of easy use, even if there are special circumstances. Because children are naive in behavioral and cognitive attitudes, often opening a pet bottle of chemical or pharmaceutical type, even if the guardian does not pay attention, has irreparable consequences. Therefore, it is necessary to design some operational obstacles when designing pet bottles, which has a relatively positive and positive effect. A sturdy container is designed to be designed for child safety, primarily by wisdom rather than by force, thus eliminating the dangerous performance of the child. For example, some medicine pet bottles are opened by pressing down and rotating. When the bottle is rotated, the bottle cap is pressed to open the bottle cap. Otherwise, no matter how it is rotated or how much strength is used, it cannot be opened. This is very good to prevent children from accidents. For the pet bottle with obstacles, it is a design thinking of the current high-end fashion, which fully demonstrates that this is the humanized design of the medical pet bottle, expressing a good concern for people.

Jilian Plastic Mould is an experienced China Pet Bottle¬†manufacturer. We have our own experience in the design of pet products. We can design products according to the needs of our customers. If you have such needs, then Don’t miss us anymore.

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