The Factors To Be Considered In The Design Of Pet Preform

The Pet Preform model looks simple; there are actually many factors to consider.

Pet bottle mold cooling system design: The design of the cooling system is a relatively complicated task. We need to consider the cooling effect and uniformity, as well as the impact of the cooling system on the overall structure of the mold. Determination of the specific location and size of the cooling system; moving key components such as stencils, cooling inserts; cooling side sliders and side cores; design of cooling components and selection of cooling standard components. Our company began to analyze these series of problems in mold design. The mold uses circulating water to flow in various parts of the mold, which reduces the cooling time in the injection molding process, improves the production efficiency of the product, and greatly reduces the production cost.

The base of the bottle mold uses a standard base. Excellent materials have good corrosion resistance, toughness, thermal conductivity and hardness, making polishing easier, saving production cycle, extending mold life, reducing maintenance and repair time, reducing cracking risk and improving production efficiency.

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