Melt Regeneration Of China Pet Bottle

Pet Preform are widely used and must have a certain material basis for recycling. Before recycling, sorting and impurity removal should be carried out to remove impurities such as sediment and metal and non-PET to facilitate recycling. The green utilization technology of waste PP plastics is mainly in material resource recycling and chemical recovery. Although the combustion heat of PET is equivalent to the combustion heat of fuel oil, the treatment of waste PP by incineration has large quantity, high efficiency, low cost and combustion residue treatment. Convenience and other advantages, but in the combustion process, due to the participation of other elements besides carbon and hydrogen and the occurrence of a large number of side reactions, a large amount of harmful gases are generated, so the application of energy recovery methods is limited.

The simple recycling is to dispose the waste PP plastic products recovered from waste materials into classification-cleaning-crushing-granulation processing. The recycling process is relatively simple, and the performance of the obtained recycled product is not good, and generally only a lower grade plastic product can be produced. The condition for simple recycling of waste PP plastics is that the composition is relatively simple, the degree of aging is low, and the performance is similar to that of new materials. Most of the waste PP plastics do not meet this condition, so the simple reuse of waste PP plastics is limited. The object of simple reuse is mainly the recycling of corner scraps produced during the production process of polypropylene resin production plants and polypropylene plastic products factories, as well as disposable waste products such as PP woven bags and instruments that are easy to clean and select. Disk and so on. The polypropylene plastic recovered by this method can be directly processed into various geotechnical materials, such as a blind ditch which can reduce the surface water level or a civil graffiti which prevents the landslide collapse, and can also be used to manufacture the soil reinforcement for reinforcing the soil. It can also be used to make screens for slope protection. In addition, the China Pet Bottle is melted and regenerated, that is, the plastic is heated and melted and then re-plasticized. It is also a simple method of recycling.