How Can China Pet Bottle Develop Smoothly?

Pet Preform, as the middle semi-finished products of plastic bottles, have received more and more attention and welcome in the market in recent years. For the food and beverage manufacturers in the past, the purchase of plastic products has been the first choice. The plastic bottle can be directly filled as a finished product and pulled into the workshop, which is more convenient. However, for these food and beverage manufacturers, as the scale of production expands, the benefits of preforms begin to emerge. The preform is semi-formed compared to the raw material, which is more convenient to process, and more convenient to process. It can cooperate with the assembly line to realize a line of injection blowing. Therefore, the advantages of preforms will be greatly improved. Of course, the quality of the preforms also needs to be taken seriously, and the quality cannot be affected by the price. So what are the current problems in the pet preform market? How to solve or improve?

First: In order to increase the price advantage of products and their own profits, some manufacturers have become the unspoken rules of merchants by doping secondary materials in the production process of preforms. Although the secondary raw materials are cheap, there are still various problems that will affect the safety of food packaging. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen supervision.

Second: pet preforms are easier to standardize than blow molded bottles of different shapes, and the development of standards is more conducive to market development.

Only when the China Pet Bottle is professional and the manufacturers are fine, the development will be smoother. Jilian Plastics has witnessed the development opportunities of the modern industry and sincerely serves the consumers and the market. Welcome everyone. Come and contact us.

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