China Pet Bottle Leader – Jilian Mold

First warm up

The pet bottle body portion is softened by heating with a high temperature infrared lamp. In order to maintain the shape of the mouth of the bottle, the neck of the Pet Preform does not need to be heated, so a certain cooling device is required to cool it.

Second, blow molding

At this stage, the preheated pet preform is placed in a finished blow mold and internally pressurized at high pressure to blow the pet preform into the desired bottle.

Blowing machines on the market are generally divided into automatic and semi-automatic.

The automatic blow molding machine performs two operations of blowing the bottle by the operation of the robot, eliminating the need to manually put the preheated pet preform into the blow molding process. Production speed is greatly accelerated, of course, the price is higher than semi-automatic.

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