Jilian Mold Production Of Reliable China Pet Bottle

Pet Preform are re-processed by blow molding to form PET bottles, including bottles for food, candy, spices, health products, medicines, reagents, beverages, mineral water, etc. This bottle making method is called two-step method, that is, by injection molding. A method of forming a preform and again performing blow molding to form a PET bottle.

High quality PET bottles should have the following characteristics:
(1) The appearance of the bottle mouth
The end face of the bottle mouth should be flat, no damage gap, complete thread, complete crystallization, no flashing, no spinning, no deformation, no oil on the inside and outside.
(2) bottle body
Good shape, high transparency, no bubbles, black spots, oil stains, dead materials, scratches, hard rings, atomization, whitish, colored bottles should be uniform in color, no obvious color difference.
(3) bottom of the bottle
Good shape, no dents, no bulging, no center shop deviation, no crack at the bottom of the bottle, no delamination.
(4) Health
The surface of the bottle is clean, dry, free of oil and dust, no odor, no impurities in the bottle.
(5) Appearance after filling
The bottle mouth and the bottle body have no shrinkage deformation, no flat bottle, no side wall deformation, no convex bottom, no depression.

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